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Current Topic: Current Events

One down, many more to go.
Topic: Current Events 8:24 pm EDT, Jul 25, 2005

Today in the news, some person or persons unknown apparently attempted to beat some sense into a spammer.

One has to wonder whether or not this is justice--whether or not willfully contributing to the degradation of the Internet and the lesser evils of irritating the hell out of hundreds of millions of people daily actually adds up to this kind of punishment... I, personally, think that killing the guy was going a little too far, and hopefully their next endeavor will be an Internet-broadcast pillorying instead.

Lord knows they wouldn't have to spam to get people to pay to see that... word of mouth alone would probably manage to set new records for viewership on Yahoo and AOL combined.

One down, many more to go.

London Terror Attack - 7/7
Topic: Current Events 10:18 am EDT, Jul  7, 2005

Bombs in subways. Bomb in buses. All details fuzzy. Story obviously being managed.

WikiNews is on it. Here is a Google News link.

Here is one particular disturbing pic of some people trapped in the underground in a station filled with smoke.

People in London are saying on IRC that cell phones are not working.

The original BBC story on the explosions said it was an electrical explosion. They recently changed the story's lead to say there was a bomb on both a bus and the underground. It is ironic that in the first hours after the WTC bombing, it was believed to be a transformer explosion.

News stations are now saying it was definitely a coordinated attack. Very little information is being released right now. It is very clear big shit is going down.

Early picture of one bus. At least 20 said dead. Reports of two other bus explosions. Another bus explosion pic.

European markets plummeting.

The London Police Commissioner has asked the media not to speculate. I feel safe making the assumption that this is a terrorist attack, I'll leave it at that for now.

If you work in NYC, I suggest that you wait till noon to go to work.

Blair just gave a statement. Its officially terrorism.

For those picking up on this as they wake up, here is a timeline of events so far.

I don't have cable where I live. grr..

London Terror Attack - 7/7

Tsunami Relief
Topic: Current Events 9:20 am EST, Jan  1, 2005

Tsunamis worldwide are going hungry and without proper medical care. For only a few cents a day you can ensure that tsunamis get a nutritious meal and a warm place to sleep.

Give now.

Tsunami Relief

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