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From User: Jeremy

"I don't think the report is true, but these crises work for those who want to make fights between people." Kulam Dastagir, 28, a bird seller in Afghanistan

'Battle of Algiers' Makes a Comeback
Topic: Movies 9:50 am EST, Nov 19, 2009

Gillo Pontecorvo's 1965 film The Battle of Algiers portrays the urban warfare between Algerians and the French troops occupying their country.

The film's raw presentation of a ruthless conflict just years after it occurred left audiences enthralled.

The film is now being re-released -- and to some, it conveys a new meaning in light of the US involvement in Iraq.

Its been years since jlm first posted about this film on MemeStreams. I finally got around to watching it. The film provides a provocative and balanced look at an early conflict of a sort which has become commonplace today. The powerful use of local music and impressive bombing and riot scenes provide a level of realism I didn't expect from 1960's cinema.

'Battle of Algiers' Makes a Comeback

Meme Maps for 'Jeremy', 'Decius', and 'Rattle', September 2001 - March 2005
Topic: MemeStreams 12:59 am EST, Mar 14, 2005

These are histograms of the timestamps for all entries posted to three MemeStreams:

Jeremy, from the first post on October 8, 2001 through the post previous to this one on March 12, 2005;

Decius, from the first post on September 5, 2001 through the latest post on March 11, 2005; and

Rattle, from the first post on September 8, 2001 through the latest post on March 8, 2005.

You'll notice significant differences among the three graphs.

The X axis shows time of day (in Pacific time). Each day of the week is shown in a different row and color along the Y axis. The height of each bar in the Z axis represents the cumulative number of posts bearing a timestamp of the corresponding day and time.

Meme Maps for 'Jeremy', 'Decius', and 'Rattle', September 2001 - March 2005

The Tipping Points
Topic: Current Events 10:07 pm EST, Feb 27, 2005

Can you know you are in the middle of a tipping point, or is it only something you can see in retrospect?

The Tipping Points

The Ends of the World as We Know Them
Topic: Society 3:38 pm EST, Jan  2, 2005

How long can America remain ascendant?

Where will we stand 10 years from now, or even next year?

History warns us that when once-powerful societies collapse, they tend to do so quickly and unexpectedly.

A society contains a built-in blueprint for failure if the elite insulates itself from the consequences of its actions.

Could this happen in the United States? It's a thought that often occurs to me here in Los Angeles.

Take a deep lesson from history. We must be willing to re-examine long-held core values, when conditions change and those values no longer make sense.

This isn't "just another book promo" pseudo op-ed. There's a political element to it.

The Ends of the World as We Know Them

Fast Accurate Computation of Large-Scale IP Traffic Matrices from Link Loads
Topic: Technology 6:47 am EST, Dec 18, 2004

Very cool ...

A matrix giving the traffic volumes between origin and destination in a network has tremendously potential utility for network capacity planning and management.

Unfortunately, traffic matrices are generally unavailable in large operational IP networks. On the other hand, link load measurements are readily available in IP networks.

In this paper, we propose a new method for practical and rapid inference of traffic matrices in IP networks from link load measurements, augmented by readily available network and routing configuration information.

We apply and validate the method by computing backbone-router to backbone-router traffic matrices on a large operational tier-1 IP network -- a problem an order of magnitude larger than any other comparable method has tackled. The results show that the method is remarkably fast and accurate, delivering the traffic matrix in under five seconds.

Fast Accurate Computation of Large-Scale IP Traffic Matrices from Link Loads

Bono's New Casualty
Topic: Society 10:56 am EST, Nov 22, 2004

For anyone who doubts that we are entering a new era, let's flash back just a few years. "Saving Private Ryan," with its "CSI"-style disembowelments and expletives undeleted, was nationally broadcast by ABC on Veteran's Day in both 2001 and 2002 without incident, and despite the protests of family-values groups.

What has changed between then and now?

A government with the zeal to control both information and culture has received what it calls a mandate.

Bono's New Casualty

Looking Back As The New York Subway Turns 100
Topic: Technology 12:36 am EDT, Oct 25, 2004

One hundred years ago next Wednesday, at precisely 2 pm, cheering citizens flooded the streets of Manhattan, creating a "carnival" atmosphere that had the city "in an uproar from end to end."

The cause of celebration was the completion of the first section of the New York City Subway.

For all the excitement on opening day, it didn't take New Yorkers long to revert to their jaded selves.

This brief article on the history of subway technology brings David Macaulay to mind. Be sure to check out the illustrations.

Looking Back As The New York Subway Turns 100

Powell's Rules
Topic: Society 12:34 am EDT, Oct 25, 2004

Colin Powell kept a set of rules on his desk. Here are a few:

Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.

Get mad, then get over it.

Have a vision. Be demanding.

Check small things.

You can't make someone else's choices. You shouldn't let someone else make yours.

Be careful what you choose. You may get it.

I've posted these before, but it's worth reviewing them periodically.

Powell's Rules

America's Secret War
Topic: War on Terrorism 9:24 am EDT, Sep 28, 2004

In the book, George Friedman identifies the United States' most dangerous enemies, delves into presidential strategies of the last quarter century, and reveals the real reasons behind the attack of 9/11-and the Bush administration's motivation for the war in Iraq. It describes in eye-opening detail America's covert and overt efforts in the global war against terrorism.

Stratfor's George Friedman has a new book. It will be released on October 5, 2004. Here you can read the preface and prologue as well as chapter summaries.

This web site also includes a 30 minute video interview with George Friedman. It's available at

JLM managed a pre-release copy of this. Its well written/a fast read. Unfortunately it seems mostly a history. It puts things in perspective, but it creates more questions then it answers.

America's Secret War

Lisa the Vegetarian
Topic: Arts 11:19 pm EDT, Aug  3, 2004

Skinner: Oh oh. Two independent thought alarms in one day. The students are overstimulated. Willie! Remove all the colored chalk from the classrooms.

Willie: I warned ya! Didn't I warn ya?! That colored chalk was forged by Lucifer himself!

Lisa the Vegetarian

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