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From User: Dr. Nanochick

"I don't think the report is true, but these crises work for those who want to make fights between people." Kulam Dastagir, 28, a bird seller in Afghanistan blog : Fabric Wall Clings
Topic: Miscellaneous 8:34 am EDT, Jun 25, 2010

Neat fabric wall clings that won't harm your wall and are super cool. Check em out! Lots of neat old school scifi ones. blog : Fabric Wall Clings

YouTube - Insane Clown Posse Miracles (1080) HD.avi
Topic: Miscellaneous 7:27 am EDT, Apr 26, 2010

Watch the whole thing. This gets funnier as it goes along... Fucking magnets...

YouTube - Insane Clown Posse Miracles (1080) HD.avi

Topic: Miscellaneous 4:46 pm EDT, Jul 23, 2009

New iPhone app out co-developed by memestreams user K and friend Aaron. Please support them by checking it out (and purchasing it!):)

kobeFit strives to have the most varied and complete list of high quality fitness activities available so you'll never have to compromise. That means we don't stop at having a full complement of weight training exercises, but include dozens of sport, cardiovascular, and whole-body activities. The exercise browser was designed for extreme ease of use, letting you find exercises in a snap. And if we've still somehow left out your favorite exercise, kobeFit will let you add it effortlessly.
Build & Schedule Workouts

A great set of exercises truly shines when combined to make your perfect workout. kobeFit lets you build simple or complex routines from scratch with just a few taps. Group your exercises, vary your sets, time & distance and see it all at a glance. kobeFit even lets you create Supersets and Compound Sets if you like. It's all up to you.

kobeFit makes it easy to keep up with your fitness program by letting you schedule your routines with no hassle, offering one-touch access to your scheduled workout, and providing a clear and sortable list of what's coming up.

Want a change of pace, or don't have time to build a new routine? With kobeFit, that's no problem... You can always start an instant workout and pick your exercises as you go. The exercise browser makes picking exercises so quick and easy, you don't need to worry about wasting time tapping through endless screens to get what you want.
Track Your Progress

As easy as it is to use, kobeFit is above all about, well, fitness. To help you meet your fitness goals we've included a rich set of features to record, track and visualize your progress. Enter measurements for your weight, resting heart rate or numerous other body metrics. Take self-progress photos with the iPhone's built in camera. And because nothing shows progress better, kobeFit provides beautiful charts that let you see in a single glance how you're doing.

For true motivation, kobeFit lets you set goals for any of the body measurements it tracks. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or gain an inch of muscle on your biceps, kobeFit lets you set the mark and help you get there. Your Goal targets are visible right on the built in charts, so you know just how close you're getting!


Official Flower
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:27 pm EDT, May 19, 2009

The Caitlin Rhododendron is a beautiful pink scented rhododendron that was created by Dr. Jim Marcellus through the crossing of the Fortune and Hummingbird Rhododendrons, and named after his granddaughter.

My great uncle Jim made a new flower... :)

Official Flower

March of Dimes
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:06 pm EDT, Apr  5, 2009

This is an excerpt from my friend Nancy's blog. Her baby was born premature, under a pound in fact, but thanks to Vanderbilt, itty bitty Becca is thriving today. Nancy is walking in the March of Dimes this year to raise money for vital research on premature birth. Check out Nancys blog, and then link over the the March of dimes - every bit makes a difference!



This week marks one year from that awful day on which we received our baby girl’s awful prognosis. Dr. Fines’ exact words were, “I think we need to be prepared to lose this baby.” I was crushed. After calling John (who was in Costa Rica at the time) and stopping at Mejier to buy some pink sleepers, I took a nap. Here’s an excerpt of how I described that afternoon on this blog:

“The thing about taking a nap is that life doesn’t really change while you’re asleep. That whole “While You Were Sleeping” concept - not so much. When I woke up that afternoon - and for the next several mornings - I experienced that moment that many people who go through some kind of tragedy often describe. For about 30 seconds after I woke up, I thought everything was okay. And then I remembered. ‘I think we need to be prepared to lose this baby.’ Those next few days were some of the hardest of my life.”

Tonight, after countless perinatalogists visits, 121 days in the NICU, and 5 wonderful months at home together, our precious little Becca is sleeping in one of those pink sleepers, just down the hall from me.

As you know, our family has been touched by the March of Dimes mission to prevent birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. That’s why we have formed Itty Bitty Becca’s Team to raise money and participate in March for Babies. Since you were a part of the team that cheered her through our darkest days, we want you to officially be part of Itty Bitty Becca’s Team! There are two ways you can join: by walking with us on Sunday, April 19, or by sponsoring our event with a financial contribution.
Contributing to our team online is fast, easy and secure. You can donate directly from my personal webpage with a credit/debit card or PayPal. If you prefer, I can also accept cash or check. Just click the appropriate box on my webpage. My March for Babies webpage is .

Or, if you prefer and are able to do so, we would love to have you walk with us in the March for Babies! We are participating in the Nashville walk on Sunday, April 19 at 2:00 at Cenntennial Park. If the weather is good and the germs remain at bay, Litte Miss Becca will be “walking” with us, too! (Of course, you can walk AND contribute, too!) You can also sign up to walk with us on the website.

Our family knows firsthand the challenges associated with prematurity. It is important to find out why premature birth happens and what can be done to prevent it. By rai... [ Read More (0.2k in body) ]

March of Dimes

After nearly backing away from the issue, the Georgia Senate passes a ban to limit embryonic stem cell research | Political Insider
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:18 am EDT, Mar 13, 2009

Christian conservatives claimed victory and predicted it would send a message to biotech companies thinking of doing business in Georgia.

The bill was originally intended to restrict multiple births through invitro fertilization — inspired by the California “octuplet” mom. However, religious conservatives underestimated the reaction of couples who have had to cope with infertility... Five other Republicans joined Weber and the Democrat caucus to table S.B. 169, which forced Republicans into a 90-minute recess to rewrite the bill.

“We’re doing in five minutes things that ought to take a year and a half..." warned state Sen. Steve Thompson (D-Powder Springs).

Becker of GRTL: "it makes a statement."

Message received - loud and clear. Do not do business in Georgia as inevitably the legislature will cough up some poorly considered bill in an attempt to serve the limitless desires of one of their power hungry interest groups and trample on you in the process. I've seen this happen numerous times before in multiple contexts.

After nearly backing away from the issue, the Georgia Senate passes a ban to limit embryonic stem cell research | Political Insider

Topic: Miscellaneous 11:51 pm EST, Dec 28, 2008

Congrats to Rattle and his lovely new bride!!:) Many Best wishes!!


Botanicalls Kit
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:13 am EST, Nov 29, 2008

Awesome - a great gift idea for those techies in your life who lack a green thumb! Now with this handy tool, your houseplant will twitter you when it needs more water! Brilliant!!

Botanicalls Kit

Palin's comment on science research....
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:50 pm EDT, Oct 28, 2008

Harping on Palin's gaffes is getting old, but this one is worth a look because it seems to contradict claims made by the McCain campaign that they are not opposed to funding increases for scientific research. Apparently McCain has also used scientific research in campaign ads about government pork. Christopher Hitchens does not mince words:

This is what the Republican Party has done to us this year: It has placed within reach of the Oval Office a woman who is a religious fanatic and a proud, boastful ignoramus. Those who despise science and learning are not anti-elitist. They are morally and intellectually slothful people who are secretly envious of the educated and the cultured. And those who prate of spiritual warfare and demons are not just "people of faith" but theocratic bullies. On Nov. 4, anyone who cares for the Constitution has a clear duty to repudiate this wickedness and stupidity.

Will they still let him on Fox after that?

Palin's comment on science research....

Alzheimer's Web Ribbon
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:33 pm EDT, Sep  4, 2008

In honor of Jack and Doris Cross

Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Get a Web Ribbon


Posting these to MemeStreams alters the structure of the html code, so I created another ribbon and posted it here.

Its silly that this campaign doesn't also directly entice you to donate more money, but you can do that here.

Alzheimer's Web Ribbon

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