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  MemeStreams Logo Take-Two and Don't Call Ever [Motley Fool Take] April 14, 2004


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Get MemeStreams Stuff! Take-Two and Don't Call Ever [Motley Fool Take] April 14, 2004
Topic: Miscellaneous 4:30 pm EDT, Apr 14, 2004

] If Take-Two is in the process of developing any new
] games, may I suggest a title? How about The Recidivist?
] it's interesting to note that Lapin's employment contract
] was recently changed to allow him some generous payments
] if he leaves the company "for any reason." In other
] words, whether a founder of the company recently received
] a Wells notice from the SEC doesn't matter, whether the
] company has massive restatements (again) doesn't matter,
] whether the company flails on its new release doesn't
] matter -- you still get your money.
] What does the company do instead? It brings in as
] president Paul Eibeler, who served in the same role
] during the last time Take-Two was monkeying with its
] books. He had left in 2003 to serve as chief operating
] officer for rival Acclaim Entertainment (Nasdaq: AKLM),
] but now he's back.
] How about a sequel? Grand Theft Accountant.

No suprise that a videogame company is not a great example of a company. Have there been any good videogame corporations? EA doesn't count, its unclear what they've fucked up yet. Take-Two and Don't Call Ever [Motley Fool Take] April 14, 2004

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