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Current Topic: Recreation - Analyst's Diary
Topic: Recreation 1:47 pm EST, Jan 25, 2005

] We have received word that a trojaned version of DC++,
] which is a P2P program, is available for download on
] several legitimate sites, including
] From what we know only build 0.668 is affected. The
] trojaned version installs several malware onto the system
] upon execution of the installer.
] It installs,
] and - these
] files are all in a way related to the installation of
] AdWare.
] Once again we're seeing that a single package is
] downloading a huge amount of AdWare. All in all we
] detected about 50 infected objects on an infected system.
] It's interesting to note is that the trojaned version of
] DC++ actually is smaller in size than the clean one. - Analyst's Diary

jest magazine - volume 3 issue 2
Topic: Recreation 8:53 am EST, Dec  7, 2004

] Embracing their newfound freedoms, the women
] of Afghanistan have come forward to let the rest of the
] world take a revealing peek into their secret lives.

Speaking of "Humor for the Irreverent"...

jest magazine - volume 3 issue 2 | Human evolution
Topic: Recreation 2:28 pm EDT, Sep 28, 2004

] LOTHARIOS everywhere will be pleased to hear that
] monogamy does not appear to be a natural human state. | Human evolution

Would you hire a hacker? - ZDNet UK News
Topic: Recreation 4:23 pm EDT, Sep 22, 2004

] Peter Higginson, security executive for Coors Brewers,
] agreed: "It's better to have them on the inside than on
] the outside. I think it's a good thing, but you'd have to
] keep them happy to stop them doing what they might have
] done before. It comes down to how much you trust your
] employees. But it could put HR in a tough spot for not
] employing someone on the basis of their background."

How these reporters decide who to interview for a quote must be pretty interesting. I can understand interviewing security company and HR execs... but how do you decide to drop a line to the head of security of a brewery for an article about hiring virii writers?

Would you hire a hacker? - ZDNet UK News Airline Eliminates Check-In Hassle [Motley Fool Take] September 10, 2004
Topic: Recreation 3:53 pm EDT, Sep 10, 2004

] Hawaiian passengers can already check in over the
] Internet. Using, they can now check in
] luggage from their home, office, or hotel (at least 12
] hours notice is required). When the passenger arrives at
] the airport, they go through security and directly to
] their departure gate.
] The goal is no lines, no waiting, and no hassles.
] Using guidelines approved by the Transportation Security
] Administration (TSA), BaggageDirect will send a trained,
] uniformed, and TSA-certified "mobile skycap" to retrieve
] the luggage and present the passengers with their
] boarding passes and baggage claim receipts. The cost for
] one person with two pieces of luggage is $30. It is $15
] for each additional person going to the same location. Airline Eliminates Check-In Hassle [Motley Fool Take] September 10, 2004

Surfer goes toe-to-toe with shark / 'I thought I was dust,' he says of 5-minute ordeal off Bodega Bay
Topic: Recreation 3:47 pm EDT, Jun  1, 2004

] "My first thought was, that's a really big dolphin. But
] then I noticed it was swimming side to side rather than
] up and down," he said.

An article so California it hurts. "I thought I was dust".
Surfers staying out even after the attack. "That's the heaviest thing I've seen". Reasonable explainations that "the shark felt threatened".

Surfer goes toe-to-toe with shark / 'I thought I was dust,' he says of 5-minute ordeal off Bodega Bay

GameSpy: Breakfast with Will
Topic: Recreation 2:58 pm EDT, May 26, 2004

] Wright: I'm uncollecting. I buy collections on eBay,
] and I disperse them out to people again. I have to be
] like an entropic force to collectors, otherwise all of
] this stuff will get sorted. It's like the opposing force,
] uncollectors.
] All of these things are collections of weird stuff. I
] go to estate sales and pick up collections from people
] who got tired of collecting.
] GameSpy: Are you trying to start a movement?
] Wright: No, it's just a hobby. It's fun.
] GameSpy: How much stuff have you uncollected so far?
] Wright: A lot.
] GameSpy: What are some of the things you have uncollected
] so far?
] Wright: Oh, lets see %u2026 little dolls--souvenir
] dolls from cities, dice, fossils, a lot of stuff.
] GameSpy: How much are you willing to spend on an
] uncollection?
] Wright: I don't spend much on it. It's always really
] cheap stuff. I've been spending my real money on Russian
] space hardware.
] GameSpy: Russian space hardware?
] Wright: Control panels, controllers, joysticks%u2026
] GameSpy: From Sputnik?
] Wright: Soyuz, Mir...

Except that with the Russian pins -- if these are like the russian pin collections being hawked at Red Square, they have bazillions of them and they go for $2-10, depending on how you negotiate. They always claim they are authentic, and they are nice and metal and old seeming, but you get the distinct sense there is a factory somewhere making them and they sell for $1 or so.

Good interview. Neat character.

GameSpy: Breakfast with Will - CLEAN & DIRTY
Topic: Recreation 3:37 pm EDT, Apr 21, 2004

Cleaning, eh? - CLEAN & DIRTY

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