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GameSpy: Breakfast with Will


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GameSpy: Breakfast with Will
Topic: Recreation 2:58 pm EDT, May 26, 2004

] Wright: I'm uncollecting. I buy collections on eBay,
] and I disperse them out to people again. I have to be
] like an entropic force to collectors, otherwise all of
] this stuff will get sorted. It's like the opposing force,
] uncollectors.
] All of these things are collections of weird stuff. I
] go to estate sales and pick up collections from people
] who got tired of collecting.
] GameSpy: Are you trying to start a movement?
] Wright: No, it's just a hobby. It's fun.
] GameSpy: How much stuff have you uncollected so far?
] Wright: A lot.
] GameSpy: What are some of the things you have uncollected
] so far?
] Wright: Oh, lets see %u2026 little dolls--souvenir
] dolls from cities, dice, fossils, a lot of stuff.
] GameSpy: How much are you willing to spend on an
] uncollection?
] Wright: I don't spend much on it. It's always really
] cheap stuff. I've been spending my real money on Russian
] space hardware.
] GameSpy: Russian space hardware?
] Wright: Control panels, controllers, joysticks%u2026
] GameSpy: From Sputnik?
] Wright: Soyuz, Mir...

Except that with the Russian pins -- if these are like the russian pin collections being hawked at Red Square, they have bazillions of them and they go for $2-10, depending on how you negotiate. They always claim they are authentic, and they are nice and metal and old seeming, but you get the distinct sense there is a factory somewhere making them and they sell for $1 or so.

Good interview. Neat character.

GameSpy: Breakfast with Will

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