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Current Topic: Local Information

Pittsburgh City Paper - Food
Topic: Local Information 9:39 am EDT, Apr 30, 2004

] Abay will open soon at 130 South Highland Avenue in East
] Liberty. (There’s not a firm date yet, as contractors
] still are doing final work.)

This will be excellent when it opens, but it is now several months from when it was supposed to open. We had feared they had underestimated costs (of course) and folded prelaunch (guess not). Good for them for getting a review in the paper before it even exists.

Pittsburgh City Paper - Food

Three rivers may be a point of light
Topic: Local Information 8:32 am EDT, Apr 27, 2004

] "Pittsburgh is a city of lights for all the wrong
] reasons," Fink told about 20 people this morning at 8:30.
] "Standing on Troy Hill, you would think the steel mills
] are still going. The amount of it that's emanating out of
] Pittsburgh is absolutely phenomenal."

First, read the article because of the prospect of Pittsburgh with giant frickin laser beams.

But then I really like the direction it goes regarding light pollution. Light pollution issues /really/ bother me. It trips the aesthetic issues, as well as the little engineer going LOOK AT THE RAW INEFFICIENCIES ALL AROUND US. I would love to see Pittsburgh dark enough at night to see the stars... and the Giant Frickin Laser Beams

Three rivers may be a point of light

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