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RE: .tel sTLD RFP Application


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RE: .tel sTLD RFP Application
Topic: Technology 2:13 pm EDT, Jul  5, 2005

flynn23 wrote:

It does if you want to use any IP tricks, such as IP multicast or RSVP. While some of these things have gone the way of the dodo, I have a sense that they might reappear. A glut of bandwidth caused them to fade into the background as a means of giving us quality service. But in a few years (a few short years, maybe 5), when every tivo and cell phone and xbox and refridgerator and car needs access to the network, particularly for things like streaming media, then you'll probably see a resurgence in using some of these techniques to lighten the load on the network.

I am still not sure that what you say is true. IP multicast can work, you just need smarter NAT routers. I was addressing more of the issue of point to point connections like VoIP, which needs to handle multiple connection points, disconnects, and inappropriate IP blocks. Full stop. To say "it wouldn't scale" or that that would be less efficient, or we need static routes for... is to miss the socio-economic demands for the technology. We are starting to understand how to make things like multicast work on fixed, stable routing networks. To imply that we need these limitations to make it work is to be forced into a compromise which would hold only until someone didn't like the tradeoff regarding accessibility, useability, administration, efficiency. Over the long term, technology enables not restricts; it does not dictate what we do or how we use it.

Besides, there is always IPv6 :)

RE: .tel sTLD RFP Application

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