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Current Topic: Miscellaneous - No-carb eating couple booted from buffet - Apr 23, 2004
Topic: Miscellaneous 6:03 pm EDT, May  3, 2004

] Sui Amaama, who along with his wife have been on the
] Atkins Diet for two weeks, was asked to leave after he
] went up to the buffet at the Chuck-A-Rama in suburban
] Taylorsville for his 12th slice of roast beef. - No-carb eating couple booted from buffet - Apr 23, 2004

SecurityFocus HOME News: Mitnick busts bomb hoaxer
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:39 pm EDT, May  3, 2004

] And does the ex-hacker have any mixed feelings about
] helping bust River Rouge's trouble-making teen? "He
] wasn't really hacking," says Mitnick. "He was really just
] being a jerk"

Certainly, a kid calling in bomb threats from his cell phone does not a hacker make.

SecurityFocus HOME News: Mitnick busts bomb hoaxer

REiD MiHALKO's Cuddle Parties
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:57 am EDT, Apr 30, 2004

] What's a Cuddle Party? you ask. It's the next step in sex
] and romance coach Reid Mihalko's exploration of creating
] safe space for women and men to further empower their
] sense of self-expression, sexuality, relationship, and
] play. In this space, we create the opportunity to talk
] about and explore what our needs are as adults when it
] comes to affectionate play and welcomed touch. In other
] words, CUDDLING!

I think (Scanner, 04/27/04) was right to link to this under the heading "Another Sign of the Apocalypse"

REiD MiHALKO's Cuddle Parties

Wired News: Hack Your Way to Hollywood
Topic: Miscellaneous 4:05 pm EDT, Apr 29, 2004

] An America Online customer service rep illicitly surfs
] the company's customer database, ferrets out private data
] on celebrity members and then hunts them down online
] under a false identity, seeking fame and fortune in
] Hollywood.
] Sound like a prelude to prison? Not in the case of
] Heather Robinson. The former AOL employee managed to
] parlay privacy violations into useful contacts in
] Hollywood. With the help of those contacts, Robinson, 25,
] landed a movie deal, and she's using her toehold in the
] industry to advance another.

...and the Computer Club is showing Hackers tonight. If only the story behinds its creation was as questionable.

Wired News: Hack Your Way to Hollywood

Google IPO, Google Foundation (Google Weblog)
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:46 pm EDT, Apr 29, 2004

] But the standard structure of public ownership may
] jeopardize the independence [of Google]. Therefore, we
] have designed a corporate structure that will protect
] Google%u2019s ability to innovate and retain its most
] distinctive characteristics.

One of the better bits of coverage on the IPO. I guess this may be one of those opportunities where I agree with a dual-class control structure -- to fend off hostiles and the short-term junkies -- although I still would hope they will put a sunset clause on it. And if they can maintain the valuation types they are going for, control isn't going to be much of an issue anyway.

Google IPO, Google Foundation (Google Weblog)

Wired 12.05: Poindexter Confidential
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:36 pm EDT, Apr 29, 2004

] in a lot of ways we have the worst of both worlds: no
] security and no privacy. There are at least 50 federal
] laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal
] information. Programmers call that spaghetti code.

Interesting interview with Poindexter. I honestly do think he was doing some very novel and worthwhile things... not all of them, but some.

Wired 12.05: Poindexter Confidential Life | Making women's issues go away
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:49 pm EDT, Apr 28, 2004

] A damning new report reveals that the Bush administration
] has quietly removed 25 reports from its Women's Bureau
] Web site, deleting or distorting crucial information on
] issues from pay equity to reproductive healthcare.

We started talking about this issue last week on TIA;
particularly because of the onerous robot.txt on the
whitehouse site (and others), there is almost no
automated accountability for inexplicable content
mutation or deletion. This is a particularly bad example. Life | Making women's issues go away

Value of Boston parking spots out of control
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:14 am EDT, Apr 28, 2004

] ItÂ’s 180 square feet of pure parking paradise in a city
] where open spaces are as common as cactus. All yours for
] $160,000.

Value of Boston parking spots out of control Life | Louisiana may ban low-slung pants
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:39 am EDT, Apr 23, 2004

] BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- People who wear low-slung pants
] that expose skin or "intimate clothing" would face a fine
] of up to $500 and possible jail time under a bill filed
] by a Jefferson Parish lawmaker.
] State Rep. Derrick Shepherd said he filed the bill
] because he was tired of catching glimpses of boxer shorts
] and G-strings over the lowered belt lines of young
] adults.

It is a good thing Fay is getting her trip to Lousiana today, not when this passes. And that Mary got out of there. Because I know that life for them would not be worth living without lowcut pants. Life | Louisiana may ban low-slung pants

The specter in Pennsylvania
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:32 pm EDT, Apr 20, 2004

] Keep your eye on Pennsylvania's primary next Tuesday, it
] could weigh big-time on the presidential election.

And before it just looked sort of pointless. Still isn't terribly important for us on the west coast.

The specter in Pennsylvania

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