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Radio ID chips may track banknotes | CNET
Topic: Business 11:56 am EDT, May 23, 2003

]Japanese news agency Kyodo was reportedly told by Hitachi that the
]ECB has started talks with the company about the use of its radio
]chip in the banknote.

When anonymous cash becomes less so.

]"RFID (radio frequency identification) tags also have the ability
]of recording information such as details of the transactions the
]paper note has been involved in. It would, therefore, also prevent
]money-laundering, make it possible to track illegal transactions
]and even prevent kidnappers demanding unmarked bills," Chopra said.

Because they won't figure out a different negotiable but less traceable currency...

Radio ID chips may track banknotes | CNET

false identities
Topic: Society 11:50 am EDT, May 23, 2003

The link is an actual banner ad. It is not a parody.

Look at it, though. "24/f" from "Beverly Hills" with a username of "Hot Babe" -- is it a 14 or 47yo male?

false identities

RE: Special Report from PC Magazine: World, Meet Roomba
Topic: Technology 7:06 pm EST, Feb  9, 2003

digitalreporter wrote:
] ] I have seen the future and it sucks. It also sweeps and
] ] removes dust and pieces of dirt. Its name is Roomba.

Everyone has caught that ROOMBA is an anagram of A BROOM, right?

RE: Special Report from PC Magazine: World, Meet Roomba

RE: Welcome to the LifeGem Home -
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:46 pm EST, Jan 31, 2003

jessica wrote:
] What is a LifeGem?
] A LifeGem is a certified, high quality diamond created from
] the carbon of your loved one as a memorial to their unique and
] wonderful life.

At least they don't offer "proof" that they used your source carbon. That would have been amusing but upsetting.

RE: Welcome to the LifeGem Home -

Super Bowl Ads
Topic: Society 5:54 pm EST, Jan 27, 2003

I knew the internet wouldn't let me down. I am one of those heathens, who failed to watch the Superbowl. Used to be, one could go to adcritic in near real-time and watch the ads. Now AOL? Why not. I don't think the premise of a commercial event where people go out of their way to specifically watch the advertisements needs to be addressed.

Super Bowl Ads

RE: Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson
Topic: Arts 12:36 pm EST, Jan  4, 2003

Jeremy wrote:
] Gibson fans will not be disappointed.
] The book goes on sale February 3, 2003.

I've read a preprint of this book. It is pretty good, and interesting to see a contemporary Gibson novel.

Obvious precursors are some of his 1999 wired articles (,

RE: Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson

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