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Current Topic: Science

Topic: Science 2:53 pm EDT, May 26, 2004

] Global warming is now advancing so swiftly that only a
] massive expansion of nuclear power as the world's main
] energy source can prevent it overwhelming civilisation,
] the scientist and celebrated Green guru, James Lovelock,
] says.

Something like this. I refuse to believe that it can not be done safely. Lovelock is a pretty interesting character, and he seems to agree. Fusion would be nice, but has the same safety issues. Really. Fission and Fusion is /where the energy is/ (in the universe). Maybe gravitation, but we don't know enough about how that works. All the other power technology is secondary or tertiary -- solar is just distance fusion, fuels are just stored energy from a previous fission, fusion or gravitation process. Why shouldn't we cut out the middle lossy processes, if we can?


The New York Times:Science:Collie or Pug? Study Finds the Genetic Code
Topic: Science 2:39 am EDT, May 21, 2004

] In a study that alters conventional wisdom and paves the
] way for a better understanding of canine behavior and
] evolution, scientists say they have found genetic
] variations that allow them to distinguish among 85 dog
] breeds and to identify an individual dog's breed with 99
] percent accuracy.

I wanted to do this. I've been following this... very interesting.

The New York Times:Science:Collie or Pug? Study Finds the Genetic Code

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