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Current Topic: Arts

Review: The Two Towers
Topic: Arts 9:21 am EST, Dec 18, 2002

I thought I'd include this link to a review along with my own thoughts about The Two Towers. I decided to check out the midnight performance this morning and I am certainly glad that I did.

First, it's hard to say that there are any plot spoilers in a review of The Two Towers since it's based upon one of the most read books this century. However, there are several changes/additions to the movie which made some fanboys bitch at the end of the movie. I was not one of them as I think Peter Jackson has done a fantastic job of pulling together multiple sources (Silmarillion, appendixes) and presenting them in a cohesive story.

Hands down, the performance that brought a character to life more than any other was Andy Serkis' rendering of Smeagol/Gollum. While the visuals are CGI imposed, Andy was in a blue suit with plot points that tracked his movement, plus he provided the voice. It is amazing how well he pulls off the schizophrenic nature of Smeagol/Gollum, allowing the audience to pity the creature in much the same way that Frodo does.

The film doesn't follow the beginning and ending of The Two Towers as Tolkein wrote it. After all, Fellowship of the Ring breached the line by providing some of the story from The Two Towers at the end of it. I can tell you this without any ruining of the plot - the movie sets up the beginning of Return of the King to contain major sections of the print version of The Two Towers. Perhaps this is best since half of Return of the King in print form ended up being appendixes. It's also better as it gives a closer "Hollywood Ending" with the battles of Helm's Deep and Isengard wrapping up this volume. In any case, that was one of the things I overheard fanboys bitching about.

One final remark - I saw Fellowship of the Ring a total of 9 times in the theater, I will probably see The Two Towers at least that many. As one who studied theatre and film in college and who has had a lifelong love for the magic created in those venues, I feel that we now have two thirds of the greatest epic ever created.


Review: The Two Towers

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