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Current Topic: Console Video Games

Okami Walkthrough - IGN FAQs
Topic: Console Video Games 5:31 pm EST, Feb 26, 2007

13.2 Guide Credits

Thanks to these folks...

1. Clover Studio for coming on strong after the success of Viewtiful Joe. Okami is easily a must-own title for the PS2.

2. Stephen Ng from for sending me the game. Thanks, bro!

3. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his excellent guide for Bart vs. the Space Mutants guide. It's awesomeness inspired the over 50 guides I've written to date.

4. Elonka, for the extra stray bead tips.

I am immortalized in the Okami FAQ. ;)

Elonka :)

Okami Walkthrough - IGN FAQs

Okami Speed Run Videos
Topic: Console Video Games 8:40 pm EST, Jan 31, 2007

This site has videos of all the major parts of the Okami game. I don't know if I'd call it "speed run" though, since they went through all the dialogue at normal speed rather than skipping it (which you can do starting with your second run).

This video shows a full runthrough of 11 hours, 44 minutes.

My own current record for a complete run through from start to finish is 6 hours, 14 minutes.

My run wasn't "perfect", so my guess is that a few minutes could be saved here and there, to maybe get the time to just under six hours, but I'd be really surprised to see anything faster than that, unless there's a way to further skip all the "loading" screens. If someone knows of a "fastest time" website for Okami, I'd be interested in seeing it!

Elonka :)

Okami Speed Run Videos

Topic: Console Video Games 5:53 pm EST, Jan  8, 2007

My current addiction: "Okami" on PS2. *Marvelous* game. Gorgeous art, great music and sound, engrossing game play (once you get past a too-long intro), good emotional "oomph" as you push back darkness with flowers.

I've been watching this game develop at E-3 for a couple years. For those who read my E-3 previews, it's the game where you play a hand-drawn Japanese wolf, and your abilities are the "Powers of the Brush", as you learn steadily more powerful calligraphy techniques which help you advance through the game, and use creative techniques in combat. You can "hit" a monster, or you can draw a line through it, or link it to fire or icicles or lightning bolts, or draw a swirl to cause a windstorm and blow something out of the sky...

Wonderful stuff. This one is getting my vote for "Game of the Year".

Elonka :)


Okami Stray Beads List - Update
Topic: Console Video Games 5:37 pm EST, Jan  8, 2007

Written and maintained by SubSane
Last updated November 19, 2006

I've been referring to this list alot, as I work my way through some of the Okami subgames. I got all the way through the original game on my own, and now I'm working my way through the second time with the hint guide, to get at some of the other stuff. One of the projects is to collect all 100 "stray beads." Some of them are hidden in various nooks and crannies, and others require completion of some side quests and mini-games. A few of them I would *not* have found without the help guide. There were a couple small errors on the list though (or maybe just random variations in my game), so I'm going to document them here, along with additional info which may be helpful to someone else playing the game:

#9: After learning Cherry Bomb 3 (use a vine to get up to the plateau near the Guardian Sapling in Kamui, then use Cherry Bomb 2 to blow your way into the cavern), return to the pyrotechnist's house on the beach near Shinsu Field. First, impress him with a double cherry bomb. You'll need to leave and return then, until he's back in his prone "depressed" state, at which point you can impress him with the triple cherry bomb, and he'll give you a bead.

#18: In Tsuta Ruins, there's an area where you have to walk across logs to get back up to the top of the chamber. If you look at your map, you'll see that one of the ledges has an unmarked secret room behind it. Use Cherry Bomb to blow open the wall (even though it doesn't have a glowing crack in it), and you'll find the room with the bead.

#21: In Taka Pass, in the cave where you fought Waka, there are glowing white pools of water. If you look closely at the one on the right, there are some faint bubbles, which mark the location of an invisible chest at the bottom. Power Slash it and the bead will float to the top.

#35: After Oni Island, return to the Gale Shrine. In the cavern to the right of the entrance pool, Princess Fuse and the canines will offer another battle. This is a tough "multi-round" fight, so be sure you're well-stocked before starting.

#47: In Mr. Flower's house in Sei-An City, break down the wall to get into the closet, and then dig.

#52: You need to satisfy Komuso's fighting requirements in Sei-An City. Before he shows up there though, you need to battle to his satisfaction in Kamiki Village and then in the grove in Kusa Village.

#53: Along the bridge that connects the Commoner and Aristocratic Quarters of Sei-An City. Jump off and swim/lilypad or Water Tablet over to the northeast section, where you'll see an underwater chest, which you can slash to release the bead.

#78: In an underground cavern in Kamui, where you have to deal with Blockhead Grande. I found this "remember 8 points in 5 seconds" puzzle *really* tough. I heard that some people dealt with it by filming the puzzle and then replaying it, but I got through it with the help of a friend, and then we each concentrated on remembering half of the dots (he'd memorize the first four and write them down, and then I did the second four). It still took us a few tries, but it eventually worked.

#81: In the north-east section of Wep'Keer. Follow the signs to the Snowy Waterfall, and on the righthand side will be a rocky alcove with a bear in it, and the chest with the bead.


Elonka :)

Okami Stray Beads List - Update

Sega sued by Dee-Lite frontwoman for character in 'Space Channel 5'
Topic: Console Video Games 12:08 pm EDT, May  8, 2003

] The lawsuit accused the US division of the videogame
] giant of copying her look (knee-high boots, short skirts
] and a pink ponytail) for a character named "Ulala" in its
] 2000 videogame adventure, Space Channel 5.

This is one of my favorite games, and I've played it all the way through several times. Looking at the pic here, yes, there's a clear resemblance.

Sega sued by Dee-Lite frontwoman for character in 'Space Channel 5'

Xbox losses widen
Topic: Console Video Games 3:30 pm EST, Feb  3, 2003

] Losses at Microsoft Corp.'s Home and Entertainment segment,
] includes the Xbox game console, nearly doubled in the last three
] months of 2002, the company disclosed in a regulatory filing
] Friday.

Xbox losses widen

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