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Cryptography, steganography, movies, cyberculture, travel, games, and too many other hobbies to list!

BBC NEWS | Al-Qaeda Communication
Topic: War on Terrorism 2:14 pm EST, Dec 23, 2002

A BBC story about the Al-Jazeera report on how the Al Qaeda terrorists communicated.

] "Ramzi Binalshibh posed in e-mails as Atta's girlfriend
] in Germany when the two communicated through the internet"

BBC NEWS | Al-Qaeda Communication

Al-Jazeera Accounts of 9/11 Planning
Topic: War on Terrorism 2:11 pm EST, Dec 23, 2002

A CNN article about the Al-Jazeera report on Al Qaeda codenames:

] "About three weeks before September 11, targets were
] assigned to four teams, with three of them bearing a code
] name: The U.S. Capitol was called "The Faculty of Law;"
] the Pentagon became "The Faculty of Fine Arts;" and the
] North Tower of the World Trade Center was code-named by
] Atta as "The Faculty of Town Planning."
] One of the terrorists, Abu Abdul Rahman, pretended to
] send a love message via an Internet chat room to his
] German girlfriend, who was actually Binalshibh. It
] contained more code for the attacks:
] "The first semester commences in three weeks. Two high
] schools and two universities. ... This summer will surely
] be hot ...19 [the eventual number of hijackers]
] certificates for private education and four exams.
] Regards to the professor. Goodbye."

Al-Jazeera Accounts of 9/11 Planning

Furniture Porn
Topic: Humor 1:45 pm EST, Dec 23, 2002

Only for the open-minded about upholstery sexuality. ;)

Be sure to read the "Warning" page on your way in:

]I understand that by clicking "Enter" I am acknowledging
]that I am a computer nerd over the legal adult lawful age of
]consent in my country, state, county, city and/or incorporated
]village and too scared to go inside a store and buy real

Another sample of site material: A picture of nesting lawnchairs, labeled "A couple of hot gay teen lawn chair sluts in their natural environment, doin' what comes natural!" :)

Furniture Porn

Topic: Miscellaneous 7:08 pm EST, Dec 20, 2002

] "decius is an active member of the conspirators so he is very motivated into getting caesar to go to the senate house
] decius is an amiable sort
] decius is a renaissance building situated in a large park a little outside the city centre"

Googlism. Find out what Google thinks about you. (In this case, what Google thinks about Decius) ;)

Googlism - Dance Dance Revolution, St. Louis
Topic: St. Louis 6:17 pm EST, Dec 20, 2002

The St. Louis site for the "Dance Dance Revolution" community. Playing the DDR game is now my preferred form of exercise. - Dance Dance Revolution, St. Louis

Al Qaeda Encryption Reference
Topic: War on Terrorism 5:54 pm EST, Dec 20, 2002

] "Tape C189 shot in a clean office, believed by coalition
] intelligence sources, who looked at this tape, to have
] been al Qaeda's secure Afghan communications room. The
] man using the two-way radio tells the person at the other
] end to look for a message on his computer and decode it."

This snippet from an August 2002 CNN report is one of the *very* few references I've ever found about Al Qaeda using any type of computerized cryptography. I would dearly love to find out what type of encryption was being referred to in this tape. PGP? ROT-13 (or an Arabic equivalent?). Anyone got a source they can tap to get more details?

Al Qaeda Encryption Reference

New Scientist - Digital Image stored in single molecule
Topic: Technology 6:00 pm EST, Dec 18, 2002

From Logickal:

"Bing Fung and colleagues at the University of Oklahoma found that the 19 hydrogen atoms in a lone liquid crystal molecule can store at least 1024 bits of information. The data are stored in the complex interaction of the protons' magnetic moments."

Elonka: Fascinating stuff. And a whole new way to hide information steganographically!

New Scientist - Digital Image stored in single molecule

Dragon*Con 2002 Program Schedule for EFF Track
Topic: Technology 5:54 pm EST, Dec 18, 2002

This is the 2002 program schedule for the EFF (Electronics Frontiers Forums) track at Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

Dragon*Con 2002 Program Schedule for EFF Track

Urban Legends Debunking
Topic: Society 5:47 pm EST, Dec 18, 2002

A good "debunking" site that posts the garbage chain letters going around the internet, and then picks them apart to find the truth. This is the first place I check when I'm looking for facts to explain to my less-technically-savvy relatives why they *shouldn't* be forwarding whatever chain letters they're receiving.

Urban Legends Debunking

Ask Jeeves -
Topic: Technology 7:05 pm EST, Dec 17, 2002

A good beginner's search engine for typing "plain english" queries such as, "Where can I find a map of Madagascar?"

Ask Jeeves -

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