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RE: Salon Wanderlust | Raving in Goa


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RE: Salon Wanderlust | Raving in Goa
Topic: Recreation 1:14 pm EST, Jan  8, 2005

Jello wrote:

] ] is usually doubled by BGW preamps. No one uses
] ] turntables. (If you've ever had to haul hundreds of
] ] pounds of vinyl to a club or a friend's house, then you
] ] understand the impracticality of lugging albums around
] ] the world, not to mention the excess baggage surcharges
] ] airlines will impose.) The DJs who work the Goa raves do
] ] so with cassette or digital audio tape. A trio of Sony
] ] Professional Walkmans or Sony or Aiwa digital audio tape
] ] players are the Goan equivalent to the twin direct-drive
] ] Technics turntables ubiquitous to most nightclubs in the
] ] Western world.
] Goa is good

Goa is okay in moderation. I don't know if I could take 8 hours of 4/4 909 kick drum anymore though. You definately need to be stimulated or just plain hyper to dance to it with any longevity. I seem to gravitate towards Breaks these days. A little slower, chunkier and funkier. Maybe that's an artifact of choosing to maintain a natural chemically balanced nervous system these days :) Or I'm getting old...

I find it interesting they use cassettes. A laptop with a 60 gig harddrive could easily store 500 CD's worth of music in MP3 format (taking out about 10 gig for OS and the one app needed, Traktor.) It also seems like beatmatching would be more of a pain with reels of tape. I'm sure the decks have some sort of variable pitch control and they know what #### to FF or RR to though. Then again they could just be playing mix tapes.

If you don't want to lug vinyl and you don't want to play MP3s with their sonic degredation amplified 1000x over, playing WAV's off a hard drive with Traktor seems to be the logical choice. You could still get away with about 80 hours of tracks.

RE: Salon Wanderlust | Raving in Goa

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