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Salon Wanderlust | Raving in Goa


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Salon Wanderlust | Raving in Goa
Topic: Recreation 9:01 pm EST, Jan  7, 2005

] Rave season in Goa lasts from September to March, and for
] much of that stretch there are parties every other night.
] The locales vary -- Ajuna, Disco Valley, Japora or Badam
] are the most frequent venues -- depending on which police
] official or civil servant can be bribed at the lowest
] price; baksheesh (bribery) is an Indian institution. The
] organizers are ad hoc consortiums of chai-mat vendors,
] bar owners, drug dealers and land-owners looking for a
] quick rupee. At every one of these affairs you see the
] same old Crown or Macintosh amplifiers and beat-up
] Ritchie mixing boards; the output, a meaty 5,000 watts,
] is usually doubled by BGW preamps. No one uses
] turntables. (If you've ever had to haul hundreds of
] pounds of vinyl to a club or a friend's house, then you
] understand the impracticality of lugging albums around
] the world, not to mention the excess baggage surcharges
] airlines will impose.) The DJs who work the Goa raves do
] so with cassette or digital audio tape. A trio of Sony
] Professional Walkmans or Sony or Aiwa digital audio tape
] players are the Goan equivalent to the twin direct-drive
] Technics turntables ubiquitous to most nightclubs in the
] Western world.

Goa is good.

Salon Wanderlust | Raving in Goa

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