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Current Topic: Sports

Surf Photos and Surfing Images
Topic: Sports 3:00 pm EST, Dec  4, 2008

Third reef at Pipeline breaking big.

Surf Photos and Surfing Images

Rocket Racing League X Racer | Popular Science
Topic: Sports 11:44 am EST, Dec  2, 2008

In August, the first Rocket Racing League airplane flew for a live audience. The signal innovation: using a piston pump to pressurize fuel instead of a conventional (and much more expensive) turbopump. It’s a big step toward more-affordable rocket-powered flight.

Ideas, thoughts, suggestions and questions about Best of What’s New 2008? Post them in the BOWN2008 forum. If you have questions, Popular Science magazine editors will answer them there!


Rocket Racing League X Racer | Popular Science

Big Creek Trail
Topic: Sports 4:26 pm EDT, Oct 28, 2008

Preview: This multiuse trail explores the floodplain of Big Creek (Vickery Creek) from Webb Bridge Road to Mansell Road. Rob Warrilow got the idea for Big Creek Trail when he visited his son at college in Colorado, where a similar trail existed. Warrilow, an engineer for the city of Alpharetta, knew that an easement in the hundred-year floodplain of Big Creek would be a great place to build the same kind o...

Apparently is good for mountain biking.

Big Creek Trail

YouTube - Kimbo Slice Get Knocked Out
Topic: Sports 5:30 pm EDT, Oct  5, 2008

Kimbo Slice Get Knocked Out


YouTube - Kimbo Slice Get Knocked Out

Topic: Sports 3:02 am EDT, Sep  5, 2008

Who invented surfboard leash?

The man behind the surfboard leash is a surfer from Santa Cruz named Pat O'Neill. Pat O'Neill is in fact the son of Jack O'Neill - the inventor of the wetsuit. Pat has come up with the idea in 1971 when he used a surgical cord to attach his surfboard to his leg. He put the cord onto a surfboard using a suction cup. Pat used his invention in the surfing competitoon in Malibu and was disqualified from the event for wearing his leash. The leash was called a kook cord by others in the event and the name stuck until today. There is sill some controversy when using a lesh but mostly it is a standard piece of equipment. The general feel of those days was that if you lost your surfboard you had to swimm and earn it back.

Surgical cord used for the first leaseh was much to stretchy. It caused the surfboard to snap back towards the surfer. This is also the way Jack O'Neill lost his left eye. Pat recalls: "It was extremely hard to see the surgical tubing, and when I fell off my board, the board went into the wave and stretched the tubing out 22 to 23 feet. And then it came racing back like a speeding bullet. People had never seen anything like this. They thought it was a remote control or something."


Spinner/Blacktip Sharks are EVERYWHERE
Topic: Sports 4:02 pm EDT, Aug 27, 2008

Shark leaps behind surfer 1:42
CNN's John Zarrella reports on a photographer snapping surfer pictures who captured a shark jumping behind them.null

I've seen this every single day this week surfing. Last night two fish jumped out of the water avoiding a shark and landed on my back. One bonked off my head. I've seen 12 blacktip/spinner sharks this week, including a couple big bastards. Fish are jumping out of the water ALL OVER.

Feeding FRENZY.

Some people don't seem to mind. Others won't even go in the water right now. I'm in between. I go out, and am scared the whole time.

Spinner/Blacktip Sharks are EVERYWHERE

Obese Man Gets Barreled in Indonesia
Topic: Sports 2:05 pm EDT, Aug 24, 2008

Wow, I have mucho respect for this guy.

Obese Man Gets Barreled in Indonesia

Waimea Bay, Nov. 27 1959
Topic: Sports 3:29 am EDT, Aug  8, 2008

Waimea Bay, Nov. 27, 1959. The surfers left to right. Max Lim, Ted Gugelyk (me), Jose Angel, Jack Webb, Peter Cole. ------------- We considered this day crowded. 12 guys out. Size between 15 and 25 feet. Storm surf. In '59 - Waimea was not surfed that much. No leashes, no life guards, no jet skis, helicopters, and very few cameras. We depended on buddy system. If one of us got into trouble, others would help. All of us were excellent water men. We were a fraternity of big wave riding brothers. Each was a professional in work life, and riding big waves was our thing - our hobby. Of course, we loved it, the rush, with all our hearts. Slightly insane then, since we were on our own. No jet ski life guards as back up, no ESPN, just us and the sea and its giant waves. Ted Gugelyk email: web site:

Waimea Bay, Nov. 27 1959

An Interspecies Communication Problem OR Big Veiny Fin Chased Me Out the Water
Topic: Sports 11:12 am EDT, Jun 27, 2008

I dragged my ass out of bed this morning on 4 hours sleep to dogs screaming for attention and pee and poo poo time and food. I took care of them, then screaming bloody murder put liquid bandaid (8% alcohol) on the big surf-related scabs on my knees and thighs from the last three days, donned tights and a rash guard to protect my wounds, threw on some board shorts and was out the door.

Lots of people out this morning. Really nice 3-4 foot faces, powerful, and glassy. I paddled out to the sandbar, walk out the rest of the way then swim outside to the lineup.

I am sitting on my board, legs dangling, catching my breath. There are some guys 200 meters north of me, but its very quiet. I relax and catch my breath. Looking down at my feet, I can just make them out in the murky water. I'm getting pretty used to it out there, and its really peaceful.

Right about the time I was going through my talking-to-myself, "I'm all alone and okay in the water" confidence routine, an inter-species communication problem occurred. The big grey finned creature that appeared a few feet away, surfacing as it swam in front of me was probably just saying, "Hello human, I am dolphin. You are in my waves, and I am curious about you. Long have we tried to befriend you by saving drowning swimmers and attacking sharks and being cute, and long have you repaid our kindness by catching us in fishing nets, capturing us for dumb circus shows and eating our dinners. But that is the past. Let this contact be the beginning of a new future. Let this morning mark the beginning of a great bond between our two peopl... hey, wtf where are you going?"

What I heard was, "I am the biggest fucking shark you've EVER seen."

Because what I saw was a big, veiny bastard of a body and a big haggard fin. If that thing was a dolphin, and I'm not sure it was, then it was to sea world dolphins what my Cairn Terrier is to a big bad ass mountain wolf. It was a steroid abusing, shark killing, fast swimming ass whooping ocean machine. I saw no blow hole, but I was looking at the fin. The fin did have a moon shape going, but it was not pronounced. And the top was rounded all shark-like and not dolphin-like. I only saw one fin, and it looked exactly like the one shown here:

I did not see the tail fin, but the angle it was at I'm not sure I would have. I'm not sure it wasn't there and I was too busy with my mental pan-and-zoom to notice.

I paused for a second, weighed my options and then screamed like a woman and paddled for shore, laughing at myself half the time because I was running from a dolphin but willing myself to keep going because that thing was a big god damned shark.

I'm still not sure what it was, but it wins. I'm out of the water. Its hard enough for us to communicate within one species, and I hope I didn't snub that dolphin. On the other hand, the shark can go fuck himself. Nany nany boo boo, I got away! Or rather, Mr. Sharkie, can't we all just get along?

An Interspecies Communication Problem OR Big Veiny Fin Chased Me Out the Water

Ex-referee Tim Donaghy blows whistle on NBA dirty secrets
Topic: Sports 12:59 pm EDT, Jun 11, 2008

According to the document, he told FBI agents, "League officials would tell referees they should withhold calling technical fouls on certain star players because doing so hurt ticket sales and television ratings."

Donaghy claims he was told two refs who were "company men" acting in the interest of the NBA conspired to extend a playoff series in 2002 to a seventh game.


Ex-referee Tim Donaghy blows whistle on NBA dirty secrets

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