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Current Topic: Technology

BetaNews | Cross-Site Scripting Worm Hits MySpace
Topic: Technology 5:03 pm EDT, Oct 14, 2005

One clever MySpace user looking to expand his buddy list recently figured out how to force others to become his friend, and ended up creating the first self-propagating cross-site scripting (XSS) worm. In less than 24 hours, "Samy" had amassed over 1 million friends on the popular online community.

BetaNews | Cross-Site Scripting Worm Hits MySpace

Spyware Researchers Discover ID Theft Ring
Topic: Technology 1:09 am EDT, Aug  9, 2005

When Jordan visited the remote server, he was shocked to find that it was being used to distribute sensitive personal information from millions of PC users infected by the spyware application.

"We found the keylogger transcript files that are being uploaded to the servers. We're talking real spyware stuff…chat sessions, usernames, passwords, bank account information, full names, addresses," said Sunbelt president Alex Eckelberry.


Spyware Researchers Discover ID Theft Ring :: WMD - Part 1
Topic: Technology 3:09 am EST, Dec  1, 2004

] This article is the first in a series that will be
] covering the construction of project WMD, my very own PC
] doomsday device.

Okay, now this is a casemod... :: WMD - Part 1

Yahoo! News - Virus writers launch competing attacks
Topic: Technology 2:10 pm EST, Mar  4, 2004

And now, today's sign of the coming apocalypse...

] Worm writers also are trading profanity-laced barbs in
] messages within coding. (Their high school English
] teachers would not be impressed.)
] "Don't ruine our business wanna start a war?" taunts the
] Bagle.j variant.
] "Netsky AntiVirus - Bagle - you are a looser!!!!" mocks
] Netsky.f.

Yahoo! News - Virus writers launch competing attacks

DVD's success steals the show
Topic: Technology 7:37 pm EST, Jan  9, 2004

] Is it coincidence, or could there be a connection to
] DVD's phenomenal success?
] Of course, there are circumstances specific to each
] industry: Internet music swapping has hit the record
] labels hard, and broadcast networks are losing share to
] cable. Nonetheless, there are only so many hours in a day
] and so many dollars in a wallet. Though few in the
] industries will come out and say it directly, DVD is
] unquestionably siphoning off time and money available for
] other activities.

Here's another little thing that RIAA seems to forget, CD sales didn't start going down until they started cracking down on people trading songs on Napster. Part of that is probably backlash from people seeing news articles about a 14 year old getting sued by RIAA, but how about this idea, "If you don't hear it, you won't buy it."

I know I bought more cd's when Napster was alive because I wanted to hear more than just the one song on Napster for some albums. I know it also got me to avoid some turkeys.

The model in the 70's and 80's was, hear song on radio or in movie, go buy record. That stopped when talk radio started to dominate the airwaves. People are listening to Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh or Dan Rome and Dan Patrick. They don't hear what is coming out anymore, and with the domination of Clear Channel on the airwaves, you don't hear anything even if you ARE listening on the radio.

Hey RIAA? If you want to sell CD's try two things. First, ENCOURAGE music trading! Most car stereos don't play MP3, but they do play CD's. Second, while you're doing that, release everything in MP3 format for the traders, but do in a bad but acceptable bit rate. The selling point for CDs was always better sound. If I can hear three or four songs off an album and go, "this album sounds pretty good," I might go buy it. If I only hear one song and it sucks, I'm going to take my $15 and get a copy of The Matrix and to hell with RIAA.

DVD's success steals the show Technology | Microsoft admits Internet Passport was vulnerable
Topic: Technology 5:12 pm EDT, May  8, 2003

And now for all you techies...

] by typing a specific Web address that included the phrase
] "emailpwdreset," he could seize any person's Passport
] account and change the password associated with it.

And Bill Gates wonders why people don't trust Microsoft. Might it be that there are gaping holes in every system to come out of Redmond? I really want my financial and personal information in .net now! Technology | Microsoft admits Internet Passport was vulnerable

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