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RE: The OID Problem


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RE: The OID Problem
Topic: MemeStreams 6:30 pm EDT, Jul 30, 2007

Hey...just wanted to say thanks to Rattle and Decius. I personally know that they basically spent *ALL* day on Sunday (in to the wee hours of the morning) coding to fix this problem. I am very impressed at their determination to get this problem resolved before the monday morning "oh god I am at work, guess I will surf the web instead" rush hour. And thanks to Starbucks and Venti sized coffees, which I also saw had a hand in this tour-de-force.

Decius wrote:
This morning a few links popped up on MemeStreams that don't work if you click on them. You get an error message which says "I could not find the proper URL based on the OID. You may have reached this page due to an error."

We realize that this is a serious problem. Unfortunately, it is not a simple to fix and it is going to take time.

When we first started working on this project back in 2001 we were completely green at relational database design, and we made a poor decision, which was to use a feature of Postgresql called "OID" which at the time was defined as globally unique for an entire database. Unfortunately, the Postgres team later decided that this was impossible, and change the definition of OID. In newer versions of the database, which we are running due to numerous performance enhancements, OIDs aren't globally unique, or even unique to a table.

At this point, unfortunately, we had a hell of a lot of code invested in OIDs. We figured it would be a long, long time before OIDs would end up repeating in our database, and so we could wait to change all of that code. Unfortunately, today, OIDs appear to have started repeating in the blog table far in advance of when we thought this was likely, as this table only has 44,000 entries. There are about 500 references to OIDs in our code, and in order to fix this problem, we'll likely have to change them all.

This is going to require time from us, and hopefully patience from you.

RE: The OID Problem

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