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Current Topic: Recreation

Labor day 2007
Topic: Recreation 12:45 pm EDT, Sep  8, 2007

Yay Labor Day!!!! The weather started out "abizmal" (sp?) to quote the weather lady but we made the most of it and had a good weekend! :) was fun...and abysmal:) And way too short....

Labor day 2007

If Robots Ever Get Too Smart, He'll Know How to Stop Them - New York Times
Topic: Recreation 5:32 pm EST, Feb 14, 2006

Dude...this book looks good. Additionally, that is the best quote ever! Extra additionally, yay Janelane, for being a scientist for a grey goo tommorrow....

"If popular culture has taught us anything," Daniel H. Wilson says, "it is that someday mankind must face and destroy the growing robot menace." Luckily, Dr. Wilson is just the guy to help us do it.

-janelane, scientist for a grey goo tomorrow

If Robots Ever Get Too Smart, He'll Know How to Stop Them - New York Times

Atlanta Time Machine
Topic: Recreation 8:36 pm EDT, Apr  6, 2005

] The Atlanta Time Machine website is dedicated to
] examining the history of Atlanta, Georgia by comparing
] vintage photographs of Atlanta with much more
] contemporary images shot, more or less, from the same
] perspective of the original photographer.

Atlanta Time Machine

RE: | 2005 Mustang Pictures
Topic: Recreation 2:50 am EST, Jan  4, 2004

Decius wrote:
] The 2005 Mustang is absolutely beautiful. Old school styling
] inside and out. Really a sea change for Ford. This is a
] menacing automobile. I can't wait to see one.

Werd.....I can't wait to see one either....or to buy one for that matter:) Maybe when I am 30 and finally out of grad school...:)

RE: | 2005 Mustang Pictures

RE: - Ugly sentiments sting American tourists
Topic: Recreation 11:54 pm EST, Mar  6, 2003

] Since when was it cooler to be Canadian?

Oh, its always been cooler. (Is that a pun??) Actually there is an interesting thread on BoingBoing about this article. A bunch of Euros basically saying "Its BS, no one over here is going to screw with you, USA Today is just stirring the pot, etc...." As well as several funny stories about Americans pretending to be Canadian, esp. IN Canada. :)

[Werd....Canadians....we are keeping it real - Nano]

RE: - Ugly sentiments sting American tourists

Mustang GT
Topic: Recreation 4:28 pm EST, Jan 12, 2003

awesome looking mustang...

Mustang GT

New 'Jesus' campaign targets SUVs.
Topic: Recreation 12:45 am EST, Nov 21, 2002

] "Church and state are getting involved in the
] gas-guzzling SUV debate.
] A coalition of religious and environmental groups is
] launching a "What Would Jesus Drive?" campaign Wednesday,
] hoping to get people to switch to more fuel-efficient
] cars. "

Man, this crap has been all over CNN the past two days. It makes me want to puke.

Everyone knows that the next time Jesus is in town, he is going to be pissed. He will be driving an SUV. And most likely, running people down with it GTA style while shouting "Sinners!!" out the window. (Stop right now and picture this in your head for a minute. It _will_ bring on a smile, reguardless of faith..)

_I_ know. Because I went to catholic high school. I am a vessel of christ (they told me so), I drive an SUV, and I want to run people down GTA style all day long while shouting "Sinners!!" out the window.. Doesn't everyone?

People, their Gods, and their cars. Sheesh!

[ROFL. I had to meme this if only for Rattles response alone. I am going to be laughing for hours now. - Nanochick]

New 'Jesus' campaign targets SUVs.

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