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Current Topic: Technology

Kilometer-long microscope in the works
Topic: Technology 2:03 am EDT, Jul 12, 2003

] British scientists are lobbying to build the world's most
] powerful microscope, an instrument so advanced that it
] can see individual atoms moving.
] The European Spallation Source (ESS) -- a type of
] instrument known as a matterscope -- would allow them to
] look at the growth of protein molecules in living human
] tissue or at the stresses deep within the wheel of a
] train or the wing of an aircraft.
] "This is on par with the Hubble telescope, but it's for
] looking at inner space," said Professor Bob Cywinski of
] Leeds University, which is backing the one billion pound
] (US $1.6 billion) project.
] A disused World War Two airfield in North Yorkshire has
] been earmarked for the matterscope's kilometer-long
] concrete tunnel and neutron research laboratories.
] "To look at it, you'd just see a mound of grass growing
] over the top and sheep wandering around," said Cywinski.

I can't believe nobody personally memed this to me. This rules

Kilometer-long microscope in the works

Wired 11.08: The Super Power IssueBeing Invisible
Topic: Technology 9:24 pm EDT, Jul  8, 2003

] Tachi's cloak - a shiny raincoat that serves as a movie
] screen, showing imagery from a video camera positioned
] behind the wearer - is more gimmick than practical
] prototype. Nonetheless, from the right angle and under
] controlled circumstances, it does make a sort of ghost of
] the wearer. And, unlike traditional camouflage, it's most
] effective when either the wearer or the background is
] moving (but not both). You don't need a university lab to
] check it out: Stick a webcam on your back and hold your
] laptop in front of you, screen facing out. Your friends
] will see right through you. It's a great party trick.

What a great Halloween costume idea:)

Wired 11.08: The Super Power IssueBeing Invisible - Scientists defy gravity with 'Spider-Man' gloves - Jun. 2, 2003
Topic: Technology 2:23 pm EDT, Jun  4, 2003

] Move over Spider-Man -- mere mortals may soon be coming
] to a ceiling near you.
] Researchers at the University of Manchester say they have
] cracked the secret of one of the reptile world's greatest
] climbers, the gecko, and produced a sticky tape that can
] mimic the lizard's gravity-defying abilities.
] Soon, people could walk on walls like comic-book
] superhero Spider-Man, the university said.
] "The new adhesive -- gecko tape -- contains billions of
] tiny plastic fibres which are similar to natural hairs
] covering the soles of geckos' feet," the University said
] in a statement.
] "The research team believes it won't be long before
] Spider-Man gloves become a reality."

Whoa.....sweet....I wanna climb on walls - Scientists defy gravity with 'Spider-Man' gloves - Jun. 2, 2003

If You Behave Yourself, I'll Print You a Toy
Topic: Technology 7:22 pm EDT, May 29, 2003

] Whether there is a market for a home three-dimensional
] printer depends in part on improvements in the technology

I am very interested in 3-D printers, especially in the biomedical area...where you could print someone a new organ. Imagine having a 3-D printer in your home...seems we stepping closer to the machines in Stephenson's "The Diamond Age" that create anything you want from nanoparticles. :) yay.

If You Behave Yourself, I'll Print You a Toy

Wired News: Telcos Agree to Lay Fat Pipes
Topic: Technology 7:16 pm EDT, May 29, 2003

] The nation's three biggest regional phone companies
] announced an agreement Thursday to standardize the
] construction of residential fiber-optic networks, in
] hopes of getting ultra-fast Internet connections to homes
] more quickly and less expensively.

Wired News: Telcos Agree to Lay Fat Pipes

Bugs, weeds, houseplants could join the war on terror
Topic: Technology 1:20 pm EDT, May 29, 2003

] When June Medford came up with the idea to use tiny weeds
] as weapons in the war against terrorism, she figured most
] people would call it a joke. But the federal government
] didn't laugh.
] Now, armed with a half million-dollar grant from the
] Pentagon, the Colorado State University plant biologist
] is trying to genetically engineer Arabidopsis plants to
] change color rapidly if they sense a biological or
] chemical agent.
] If her plan works, the technology could be used to turn
] forest evergreens, backyard shrubs or even pond algae
] into sentinels for scientists. One day, everyone in
] America might be able to use a cheap houseplant as an
] early-warning system. It could be the proverbial canary
] in a coal mine for the post-Sept. 11 age.

Bugs, weeds, houseplants could join the war on terror

Paper-thin screen created
Topic: Technology 10:38 pm EDT, May 15, 2003

] In a step toward electronic newspapers and wearable
] computer screens, scientists have created an ultra-thin
] screen that can be bent, twisted and even rolled up and
] still display crisp text.
] The material, only as thick as three human hairs,
] displays black text on a whitish-gray background with a
] resolution similar to that of a typical laptop computer
] screen.
] The screen is so flexible it can be rolled into a
] cylinder about a half-inch wide without losing its image
] quality.
] Although it's not quite the dream of single-sheet,
] electronic newspapers or books that can display hundreds
] of pages of text, its creators said it's the first
] flexible computer screen of its kind.

Cool! Where do I get one?

[Hey, if anyone gets their hands on the Nature article about this, let me know - Nano]

Paper-thin screen created

Searchers find live worms in shuttle wreckage - Apr. 30, 2003
Topic: Technology 12:18 am EDT, May  1, 2003

So let me get this straight. NASA can build a container strong enough to withstand a massive explosion and heat, protecting the fragile life of worms but, still manages to lose astronauts due to seals and foam tiles... wow

[wow...thats pretty amazing - Nano]

Searchers find live worms in shuttle wreckage - Apr. 30, 2003

PhreakNIC 7 :: Nashville, TN
Topic: Technology 5:31 pm EDT, Apr 24, 2003

] PhreakNIC 7 dates have been set for October 24-26, 2003!

PhreakNIC 7 :: Nashville, TN

Harvard Crimson | Swipe Card Hack Prompts Complaint
Topic: Technology 5:21 pm EDT, Apr 17, 2003

From: Joe Klein [jsklein@x]
To: SE2600 List [root at don't-you-dare]
Subject: RE: [se2600] RE: Swipe Card Hack Prompts Complaint
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 13:42:46 -0400

Response send to author:

Ms. Kicenuik,

Thank you for the article, but I think you have been misinformed.

Fact 1: Banks and other financial institutes are required by law to secure financial transactions between and over networks. Even on the Internet, financial transactions are secured using ssl encryption. Blackboard, now acting like a financial network, is not using secure communications.

Fact 2: BlackBoard has other products which have had vulnerabilities over the last 4 years. Apparently, they have a history of slow response to security problems.

Fact 3: Harvard signed a contract, releasing BlackBoard of all liability, in the used of their product. Any financial loss because of the lack of security in the BlackBoard systems, will be absorbed by Harvard.

Fact 4: This problem was reported to the BlackBoard company 6 months ago. This delay of addressing the security vulnerability only exposes blackboard customers and not Blackboard company.

Fact 5: The majority of hackers are not caught, so focusing on prosecution of the crime and not securing the system, would be considered a lack of due diligence. There for holding the Blackboard customers again, liable for all loss.

Here is the backup information which substantiates the above facts.

Fact 1:
Fact 2:
2003-01-25: Blackboard Learning System SQL Injection
Variant Vulnerability
2003-01-21: Blackboard Learning System SQL Injection
2002-07-01: Blackboard Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
2000-07-18: Blackboard CourseInfo 4.0 Database Modification
2000-07-10: Blackboard CourseInfo 4.0 Plaintext Administrator
Password Vulnerability

Fact 3:

Fact 4:

Fact 5:

Now here is the challenge to you, how about writing an article which
addresses the facts.

Snagged from the SE2600 mailing list.

Harvard Crimson | Swipe Card Hack Prompts Complaint

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