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Current Topic: Recreation

'Freddy vs. Jason' scares up weekend win
Topic: Recreation 12:49 pm EDT, Aug 21, 2003

] California (Reuters) -- Corpses littered the weekend box
] office in North America, but this time they weren't the
] remains of overhyped, costly flops.
] Instead, they belonged to hapless victims in the top
] three movies, led by teen horror "Freddy vs. Jason,"
] which shocked the industry with a surprisingly strong
] $36.4 million opening.

Damn! $36 million is unheard of for a horror flicks opening weekend. That kind of figure is more indicative of its ENTIRE box office run.

'Freddy vs. Jason' scares up weekend win

U.S. Chess Federation Moves to Tennessee
Topic: Recreation 9:42 am EDT, Jul 17, 2003

The U.S. Chess Federation picked the Cumberland Plateau city over 29 others, including Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, Lexington, Ky; Louisville, Ky.; Newark, N.J; Portland, Ore.; St. Louis, Salt Lake City; and San Francisco.

We're all culture-fied here in Tennessee!

U.S. Chess Federation Moves to Tennessee

Finding trilobites by the bucket, for free
Topic: Recreation 10:14 pm EDT, Jun 27, 2003

] A blur of platted hair, arms and legs dives into the pile
] of dirt and rocks, searching for hidden treasures.
] It takes only seconds before the first high-pitched voice
] screams, "I found one!"
] "Hey, here's another one," cries out a young girl. "I'm
] finding lots of them."
] Within minutes, plastic freezer bags are stuffed with
] chunks of gray rock containing trilobites, brachiopods
] and horn corals -- Devonian-era fossils from creatures
] that inhabited the Earth 350 million years ago.
] Fossil Park, which has been built in an abandoned 5-acre
] (2-hectare) quarry about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from
] downtown Toledo, is open for its second full season this
] summer.
] And visitors can keep what they find.


Finding trilobites by the bucket, for free

Babes, Yes Please. Female Viewers, No.
Topic: Recreation 3:42 am EDT, Jun 15, 2003

] DOES America need laddie television? The man who feels
] that television lacks respect for his programming wishes
] (fast cars, James Bond and busty cartoon women) should
] rest assured: Viacom has been listening. Tomorrow it's
] launching Spike TV, "the first network for men."

There you go, men. Now quit yer bitchin'.

Babes, Yes Please. Female Viewers, No.

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