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Current Topic: Economics

Wealth Distribution
Topic: Economics 3:44 am EST, Jan 22, 2003

Dubious source, and their numbers don't add up, but I think they're generally indicating the right order of magnitude change in wealth over my 32 year lifetime...

] in the late 1970s, the top one percent held 13 percent of
] the wealth; in 1995 it held 38 percent.

] In 1960 CEOs received 40 times the average worker's
] salary. In 1992 they received 157 times.

Wealth Distribution

Wealth spawns corruption
Topic: Economics 3:32 am EST, Jan 22, 2003

Interesting little piece on wealth distribution:

Specifically, the number of people with some value of wealth w is proportional to 1/wE. Pareto claimed that E is generally has a value of between 2 and 3. The bigger this value, the greater the extent to which extreme wealth is suppressed - and the more socialist the economy.

Burda's group define liberal economies as those in which E is less than 2, and social economies as those in which E is greater than 2.

Wealth spawns corruption

ITU 2002 report
Topic: Economics 4:27 pm EDT, Apr 16, 2002

Kondratieff long wave explaination. "But it was fun while it lasted" conclude our PhD's at the ITU. Page 18 of 23

An interesting datapoint is the 15% reduction in fixedline subscriptions in Finland where they now have 94% mobile penetration. (page 8 of 23). Such a drop in the US would mean an anual loss of $3.5 billion in revenue for the RBOCs. No wonder they make me get a phone with my damn DSL...

ITU 2002 report

So Sue Me -- New flurry of suits alleging telecom stock inflation
Topic: Economics 3:07 pm EDT, Apr 16, 2002

More law suits of telecoms alleging Enron-esque accounting

So Sue Me -- New flurry of suits alleging telecom stock inflation

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