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Current Topic: Elections

Citizens' Arrest of Karl Rove Attempted in Iowa |
Topic: Elections 8:06 am EDT, Jul 27, 2008

Four Iowans were arrested today while attempting to make a Citizens’ Arrest of Karl Rove in Des Moines, Iowa. Citing Iowa Code provisions for making Citizen’s Arrests as well as citing Federal Statute violations they claimed Rove had violated, the four were stopped at the gate of the Wakonda Country Club in Des Moines where Rove was scheduled to speak at a Republican Fundraiser.

Citizens' Arrest of Karl Rove Attempted in Iowa |

Positive VORB » Graphic Artists for Obama
Topic: Elections 11:01 am EDT, Jul 24, 2008

I continue to be really stunned by the imagery that surrounds Obama in this campaign. I can’t think of another candidate that has been portrayed in this manner during a campaign by graphic print and street artists. Is this the growth of our generation into a political machine and marking a shift in the that candidates are embraced and promoted on a grass roots level?

i wonder if the off white is intentional design humor

Positive VORB » Graphic Artists for Obama

3 in 10 Americans Admit to Race Bias -
Topic: Elections 10:39 pm EDT, Jun 22, 2008

As Sen. Barack Obama opens his campaign as the first African American on a major party presidential ticket, nearly half of all Americans say race relations in the country are in bad shape and three in 10 acknowledge feelings of racial prejudice, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

3 in 10 Americans Admit to Race Bias -

Brain Scanners Can See Your Decisions Before You Make Them
Topic: Elections 3:36 pm EDT, Apr 14, 2008

"Your decisions are strongly prepared by brain activity. By the time consciousness kicks in, most of the work has already been done," said study co-author John-Dylan Haynes, a Max Planck Institute neuroscientist.

Are you aware of who you are voting for this year?

Brain Scanners Can See Your Decisions Before You Make Them

BPS RESEARCH DIGEST: A company's profits are linked to the facial appearance of its chief executive
Topic: Elections 10:49 am EST, Feb  7, 2008

When it comes to big business, appearances it seems, matter a lot. Companies tend to be more profitable if they have a chief executive with a face rated by observers as being more competent, dominant and mature.

Similarly, companies with a chief executive judged to be a good leader, based purely on his facial appearance, also tend to be more profitable. These associations still hold even after controlling for the influence of age and attractiveness.

I wonder if the same applies to presidents.

BPS RESEARCH DIGEST: A company's profits are linked to the facial appearance of its chief executive

Authority Figure
Topic: Elections 10:54 am EDT, Oct 30, 2007

Of course, Giuliani made his career as a prosecutor rather than a philosopher, and there are certainly Catholic teachings he has repudiated or ignored. In 1989, wanting the New York Liberal Party's endorsement for his GOP mayoral bid, Giuliani renounced his past opposition to abortion and Roe v. Wade. But his exposure to Catholic and classical political thought clearly had a lasting impact on him. At a forum on crime in March 1994, sponsored by the New York Post, Giuliani voiced views on liberty and authority that seemed to flow from these teachings. He criticized liberals for seeing only "the oppressive side of authority." "What we don't see is that freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be anything they can be," he said. "Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do."

Freedom is Slavery.

Authority Figure

John McCain’s MySpace Page “Enhanced”
Topic: Elections 1:30 pm EDT, Mar 30, 2007

Someone on Presidential hopeful John McCain’s staff is going to be in trouble today. They used a well known template to create his Myspace page. The template was designed by Newsvine Founder and CEO Mike Davidson (original template is here). Davidson gave the template code away to anyone who wanted to use it, but asked that he be given credit when it was used, and told users to host their own image files.

McCain’s staff used his template, but didn’t give Davidson credit. Worse, he says, they use images that are on his server, meaning he has to pay for the bandwidth used from page views on McCain’s site.

Davidson decided to play a small prank on the campaign this morning as retribution.

John McCain’s MySpace Page “Enhanced”

FRAMESHOP by Jeffrey Feldman
Topic: Elections 5:49 pm EST, Mar  5, 2007

Of all the words used to describe the campaign of Rudy Giuliani, transvestite may be the most accurate. The video from 2000--which shows Donald Trump thrusting his face into Rudy's deftly sported novelty breasts--may be the first thing that comes to mind. But Giuliani's fetish for frocks is more of a one-liner than what really makes him a cross-dresser.


So... This coming election might be between a transvestite, a woman, and a black man. Maybe someday we'll allow a third party candidate a fair shot of running.

FRAMESHOP by Jeffrey Feldman

frottage. | Diebold | It's not broken... It's Fixed!
Topic: Elections 1:01 pm EST, Nov  7, 2006


HBO's Hacking Democracy provides a good summary of how the US elections are now about fooling machines rather than fooling voters. I made T-shirts, magnets, hats, etc. HERE! Spread the word that not only does your vote not count, Diebold has made it so it might not even be counted!!

I made a new t-shirt /hat/button/magnet/etc. design to celebrate the election.

frottage. | Diebold | It's not broken... It's Fixed!

Rolling Stone : Robert F. Kennedy Jr. -- Will The Next Election Be Hacked?
Topic: Elections 3:41 pm EDT, Sep 28, 2006

Then, one muggy day in mid-August, Hood was surprised to see the president of Diebold's election unit, Bob Urosevich, arrive in Georgia from his headquarters in Texas. With the primaries looming, Urosevich was personally distributing a "patch," a little piece of software designed to correct glitches in the computer program. "We were told that it was intended to fix the clock in the system, which it didn't do," Hood says. "The curious thing is the very swift, covert way this was done."

More questions about Diebold stealing elections. At this point, the third world is doing a better job than we are.

Rolling Stone : Robert F. Kennedy Jr. -- Will The Next Election Be Hacked?

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