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What are you gonna do, play with your prick for another 30 years? ... George Carlin

Another gelatinous blob, but this one stinks
Topic: Local Information 1:02 pm EDT, Aug 12, 2003

"LITTLE EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (AP) -- It smells like rotten eggs at best, decomposing flesh at worst. It looks like the pods from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."
"It's frightening," said Eileen Masterson. "We can't swim because the odor is so horrible and we won't crab here because we don't know whether it's safe"
" The substance, which was noticed about two weeks ago, consists of jelly-like bulbs that undulate with the waves just below the surface. "

What is it...These things just keep popping up...Figures the one from jersey smells like shit.

Another gelatinous blob, but this one stinks

Saddam Hussein found in Baghdad ambulance
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:01 pm EDT, Aug 12, 2003

"When US soldiers see my name on my badge, they ask to have their photos taken with me. Of course, I do this with good grace," the young Saddam said.

Saddam Hussein found in Baghdad ambulance

Resource-rich federal labs foster ingenuity, struggle with fledgling inventions
Topic: Technology 12:51 pm EDT, Aug 12, 2003

“The lab is the world’s biggest playground for technology,” said Northrup, who joined Lawrence Livermore in 1993 and left about three years later to start the biotech company Cepheid. He is now president and chief executive of the startup MicroFluidic Systems Inc. in Pleasanton, Calif. “I had access to incredible technology, multimillion-dollar equipment … all the things I would need to figure out the problem.”

Resource-rich federal labs foster ingenuity, struggle with fledgling inventions

Young offenders and victims of crime are often the same people
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:18 pm EDT, Aug 11, 2003

Being a victim of crime at the age of 12 is one of the most powerful indicators that a child will offend at 15. Likewise, offending at age 12 brings a strong possibility of victimisation at 15. One explanation of this link is that young offenders tend to group together and commit offences on each other. Another is that young people who get into risky situations together - such as late-night clubs or amusement arcades - end up both committing offences and being victims of crime. A third point is that personality traits such as being impulsive and taking risks lead both to offending and victimisation.

karma's a bitch

Young offenders and victims of crime are often the same people

The Man Who Mistook his Girlfriend for a Robot
Topic: Technology 1:40 pm EDT, Aug 11, 2003

It's the fourth day of a scientific conference in Denver—four busy February days in a huge rabbit-warren convention center with long hallways and fluorescent lighting and serious scientists giving serious PowerPoint presentations in darkened auditoriums; four days of breakthroughs and advances—nanotech to biotech, anthropology to zoology, the whole mind-spinning stew. Four days, for the assembled journalists, of making sense of it all and banging out stories on the fly—and now comes word of what could be a light interlude: Keep an eye out for the guy carrying the head. Say what? The robotic human head. The press people for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the conference's sponsor, say the demonstration's on for tomorrow morning.

The Man Who Mistook his Girlfriend for a Robot

Can you find the peach?
Topic: Miscellaneous 6:26 pm EDT, Aug  7, 2003

Find a peach among a collage of asses.

Can you find the peach? - England braces for rubber duck invasion - Jul. 26, 2003
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:46 pm EDT, Aug  7, 2003

] LONDON, England (Reuters) -- An armada of small, faded
] yellow toy ducks is expected to make landfall in Britain
] within weeks at the end of an epic 11-year voyage from
] the Pacific Ocean.
] They are the survivors of a consignment of 29,000 bath
] toys washed overboard from a container ship in 1992 that
] have since floated across the ocean, round the United
] States, through the Arctic and past Greenland.

Viking toy ducks. - England braces for rubber duck invasion - Jul. 26, 2003

The Science of Superheroes
Topic: Science 1:17 pm EDT, Aug  5, 2003

Comic book physics explained.

The Science of Superheroes

Touch technology
Topic: Technology 1:11 pm EDT, Aug  5, 2003

"Known as "sympathetic haptics" because it gives one person the ability to feel what another feels, the technology is still years away from being able to transmit the feeling of Tiger Woods's golf swing to another person, for instance."

Touch technology

Top of sky is receding
Topic: Science 1:02 pm EDT, Aug  5, 2003

"The sky isn't falling in, say scientists - it is rising. And it's our fault."

Don't buy chicken littles line of crap...

Top of sky is receding

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