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Current Topic: Technology

eBay Motors: The last Concept Sky Commuter aircraft in Existence (item 220188946461 end time Jan-14-08 07:51:56 PST)
Topic: Technology 10:57 am EST, Jan 14, 2008

<img src=">
<blockquote>Please see here for your consideration the very last Sky Commuter Prototype test craft that remains in existence today.

The development of this advanced technology and project started back in the mid 1980's. Design and engineering was created by Boeing engineer's in Arlington Washington. Some 60 investors and well over $6,000.000.00 in R&D and production yielded only (3) concept test ships before the plant was shut down for reasons not listed here. The sad end was all and anything that was in the hangar was taken and or destroyed. This sole example of this technology, Advancements and investments are present and was saved in this single craft. The ship was not at the base location at the time or it to would have been destroyed.

This is the only registered aircraft with the FAA as a VTOL class and carries the correct tail number of N2001C. All aircraft materials and built by the finest. The craft is 14 feet long and 8 foot wide at the front Canard winglets and the rear outer fan rims.</blockquote>

eBay Motors: The last Concept Sky Commuter aircraft in Existence (item 220188946461 end time Jan-14-08 07:51:56 PST)

The $30 Android will never leave you - Engadget
Topic: Technology 10:49 am EST, Dec 19, 2007

No special person in your life to buy you a Nabaztag/tag so that you no longer need a special person in your life? Build yourself this $30 Android and make all the loneliness go away. Built into this charming little styrofoam head is a webcam, microphone, speakers, a few LED lights, light sensors and a small LCD screen, and once you install enough conversational and creepy RSS-based stalker software on it we're sure it'll reach sentience in no time. Video is after the break.

The $30 Android will never leave you - Engadget

Light Sound = New Weapon | Danger Room from
Topic: Technology 4:34 pm EST, Dec 13, 2007

Military funded researchers are preparing to test a nonlethal weapon that combines light and sound. Nicholas C. Nicholas, chief scientist of Penn State's Applied Research Laboratory, told an audience yesterday at a nonlethal weapons conference that in the first half of next year, the lab plans to test DSLAD, the Distributed Sound and Light Array Debilitator. It'll use essentially off the shelf technology to see if combining aversive noises with light produce some special debiliating effects. Anecdotal effects include dizziness and loss of balance, and of course, nausea. In other words, DSLAD could be another potential "puke ray."

Light Sound = New Weapon | Danger Room from

Torontoist: Dr. Frankenweb's Monster
Topic: Technology 10:49 am EST, Dec 11, 2007

Google has always been known for its clean, lightweight, ad-free search page, but Canada's largest provider of broadband internet is under fire today for messing with it. Toronto-based Rogers has begun testing a controversial technique that allows the media empire to insert its own content into another entity's web page, angering net neutrality proponents.

Torontoist: Dr. Frankenweb's Monster

CNW Group | SIDETRACK TECHNOLOGIES INC. | SideTrack to launch world's largest LED display in London
Topic: Technology 1:50 pm EST, Dec  4, 2007

WINNIPEG, Nov. 30 /CNW/ - Canadian based SideTrack Technologies last night (Thurs) completed final testing of its LED display system on the prestigious Heathrow Express train service which carries more than 100,000 passengers a week between the Heathrow Airport and London's Paddington station. The Company provides advertisers with the ability to deliver a 15-second advertisement which lights up the dark tunnel walls as the trains pass the display at speeds of around 60 mph. A total of 360 individual LED bars have been installed along a 450m stretch of the tunnel - creating a display nearly half-a-kilometer in length. The LED display will be seen by passengers arriving into London from Heathrow Airport.

CNW Group | SIDETRACK TECHNOLOGIES INC. | SideTrack to launch world's largest LED display in London

VectorMagic The Online Tool for Precision Bitmap to Vector Conversion
Topic: Technology 10:28 am EST, Nov 28, 2007

If you've got an image that you'd like vectorized, VectorMagic will do it for you online, free of charge. It's currently tuned to work best with photographs or icons. You answer a couple of simple questions (with sensible defaults) as you upload the image, then sit back and watch it being converted.

"This site is the result of a Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory research project by James Diebel and Jacob Norda.

We have strived to make the site as easy to use as possible, with a distinct and clear user-interface, while imposing a minimum of fuss. All that is required is a reasonably modern browser, Flash Player and an image you'd like to vectorize."

This site is Web 2.0 to the max and is one bad ass web app!


VectorMagic The Online Tool for Precision Bitmap to Vector Conversion Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device: Kindle Store
Topic: Technology 12:56 pm EST, Nov 26, 2007

Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device
Other products by Amazon

"This is the future of book reading. It will be everywhere." Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball and Liar's Poker.

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Kindle Availability
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Cool! Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device: Kindle Store

HI-MEMS - Programs - Microsystems Technology Office
Topic: Technology 11:21 am EST, Nov 14, 2007

The HI-MEMS program is aimed to develop technology that provides more control over insect locomotion, just as saddles and horseshoes are needed for horse locomotion control.
Developing tightly coupled machine-insect interfaces by placing micro-mechanical systems inside the insects during the early stages of metamorphosis.

HI-MEMS - Programs - Microsystems Technology Office - Nissan adds a robot helper to its concept car
Topic: Technology 10:33 am EDT, Oct 29, 2007

"We have data that happy drivers' accident rates are drastically lower than depressed ones, so this robot stays there to make sure the driver is happy always," said Masato Inoue, chief designer at Nissan's exploratory design group, in an interview at the Motor Show. "This guides the driver and sometimes cheers up the driver. For example, if the driver is irritated it might say 'Hey, you look somehow angry. Why? Please calm down.'"

It doesn't take a robot to do this. The same function could be accomplished by cameras mounted in the car's dashboard, but Inoue said there's a conscious choice behind the robot. - Nissan adds a robot helper to its concept car

Researchers fire most powerful antimatter beam ever - Engadget
Topic: Technology 10:18 am EDT, Oct 29, 2007

Scientists at North Carolina's PULSTAR nuclear reactor facility fired a positron bean five times stronger than any other ever created earlier this month, breaking a record previously held by a team in Germany. The antimatter device -- which apparently looks like a Star Trek warp reactor -- was developed as part of a two year project by NC State, the University of Michigan, and Oak Ridge National Labs. Now that the device is working, the team is looking for practical applications for the tech, including building an "antimatter telescope," which would allow even closer observations of atomic interactions. Or they could use it to blow up the universe. You know, whatever.

Researchers fire most powerful antimatter beam ever - Engadget

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