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Current Topic: Movies

Yahoo! News - Unleashing Hell?
Topic: Movies 5:10 pm EDT, Sep 24, 2002

"A hero will rise again, if Gladiator producers get their way.

Sure, Russell Crowe's character, General Maximus--the heart and soul of director Ridley Scott's 2000 Oscar-winning Best Picture of 2000--died triumphantly at the end of the film.
But, according to the Hollywood Reporter, that's not stopping producers of the sweeping swordplay epic from proceeding with a follow-up flick. "

Yahoo! News - Unleashing Hell?

'Miss Germany' Risks Losing Crown over Nude Rules
Topic: Movies 2:08 pm EDT, Aug 22, 2002

BERLIN (Reuters) - "Miss Germany" has broken her contract and could lose her crown because she objects to beauty contest rules banning her from marrying or posing in the nude, organizers said Thursday.

Ralf Klemmer, director of the Miss Germany Corporation that holds the annual pageant, said Berlin dental technician Katrin Wrobel canceled a contract with his firm because she said it contained "immoral clauses."

'Miss Germany' Risks Losing Crown over Nude Rules

Beating the High Cost of Trading-Account Inactivity
Topic: Movies 9:32 pm EDT, Aug 21, 2002

Fed up with his brokerage statements, Paul Entin got out of it -- not the market, just his broker.

Back in 1999, the president of a marketing and communications firm opened an E*Trade (ET:NYSE - news - commentary - research - analysis) account because the online broker had fewer fees and restrictions than bricks-and-mortar rivals. As the stock bubble burst, Entin sold his losers but saw nothing he wanted to buy. So he held steady. But then a $25-per-quarter inactivity fee, used to eke profits from customers who rack up little in transaction fees and have balances less than $5,000, began appearing on his statements.

"I was livid," says Entin. "I closed the account a month ago. I didn't want to buy or sell something this quarter just so I could avoid some fee. I don't like being pressured into doing something."

Greedy Bastards....

Beating the High Cost of Trading-Account Inactivity

If Slashdotters made The Matrix
Topic: Movies 2:09 pm EDT, Aug 20, 2002

This is really great if you have not seen it before.

If Slashdotters made The Matrix

Merrill strategist cuts S&P target
Topic: Movies 8:39 pm EDT, Aug  1, 2002

Merrill Lynch & Co. chief U.S. strategist Richard Bernstein on Thursday cut his 12-month target for the Standard & PoorÂ’s 500 Index to 960 from 1,050, saying that Wall Street remains excessively bullish.

S&P closed at 884 today. Still a good buy in the short time and a great buy in the long term. Go Bulls...

Merrill strategist cuts S&P target

Woman sues Delta over sex toy incident
Topic: Movies 3:58 pm EDT, Jul 28, 2002

A woman who says she was pulled off an airplane and asked to take a sex toy out of her luggage after it started vibrating is suing Delta Air
Lines, saying she was publicly humiliated.

Renee Koutsouradis, 36, said she was with her husband awaiting takeoff from Dallas in
February when her name was called over the loudspeaker.

She said she was met by a Delta security agent who told her something was vibrating in one of
her bags. She said she explained it was an adult toy that she and her husband had just bought
on a trip to Las Vegas.

Woman sues Delta over sex toy incident

Emperor issues statement following Death Star attacks
Topic: Movies 2:11 pm EDT, May 16, 2002

"Presiding over a memorial service commemorating the victims of the attack on the Death Star, the Emperor declared that while recent victories over the Rebel Alliance were "encouraging, the War on Terror is not over yet.""

w1ld: this is soooooooo funny!

Emperor issues statement following Death Star attacks

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