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Current Topic: Movies

The Recruit isn't what it seems
Topic: Movies 10:18 am EST, Jan 31, 2003

] But the last 30 minutes (the film is 105 minutes long) in
] particular are a letdown as the film gets bogged down in
] action scenes that look routine and less gripping than
] the preceding drama.
] The movie also gets boldly illogical and seems to fly in
] many directions in the second half. There are awkward
] moments of flag waving, which seem overtly calculated,
] making one wonder what Donaldson, an Australian, is
] trying to do with this film, and if those sentiments
] would have been in the movie if it had been made and
] released before 9/11.
] Donaldson clearly does not want to make a James Bond
] movie, but in the last 30 minutes, the film is in danger
] of becoming just that. In fact, it is a less thrilling
] and entertaining production than the terrific Bond films.

The Recruit isn't what it seems

Switch to Linux
Topic: Movies 4:51 pm EST, Jan 27, 2003

Another great 'Switch' Ad..

Switch to Linux

Im Bill Gates and I am a Switcher
Topic: Movies 12:11 am EST, Jan  7, 2003

Bill Gates switching. :D

Im Bill Gates and I am a Switcher

I have porn from 1970's
Topic: Movies 12:02 am EST, Jan  7, 2003

Another great mac "Switch" ad. Watch the first one. its funny!

I have porn from 1970's

Baggage screener asleep on the job
Topic: Movies 11:16 am EST, Jan  6, 2003

] "In the first incident Sunday morning, a screener was
] discovered asleep at his post and security personnel
] checked the concourses, some with explosive-sniffing
] dogs, said Bob Blunk, Transportation Security
] Administration director for the airport.
] "There's no indication anything happened. It's just that
] somebody fell asleep," airport spokesman Bob Parker said.
] The screener, discovered napping at about 6 a.m.,
] apparently was asleep for eight to 30 minutes, Parker
] said. The concourses were reopened at about 8:10 a.m. "

Isn't that in the contract of Federal Workers? To get nap time.

Baggage screener asleep on the job

Apple preparing new upgrade fees
Topic: Movies 9:27 am EST, Jan  6, 2003

] "According to sources familiar with the plans, Apple is
] expected to announce at the Macworld Expo in San
] Francisco Tuesday that consumers will have to pay for new
] versions of iDVD, iPhoto and iMovie, which will be sold
] together as a bundle. Previously, Apple had offered
] upgrades to its digital media, or "i" applications, for
] free.
] iMovie is used for digital movie editing, and iDVD burns
] the final product onto a DVD. iPhoto is used to organize,
] edit and print photos. The move to charge up to $50 for
] the software trio is potentially the first step in
] charging for all six "i" applications, which would
] continue to be bundled for free with new Macs, sources
] said. "

I know its not 1998, but I hate the "Bait and Switch" tactic.

Apple preparing new upgrade fees - Inspectors are spying, says Saddam - Jan. 6, 2003
Topic: Movies 8:59 am EST, Jan  6, 2003

] ""You should know that you are victorious now, and that
] you will also be during the final confrontation, despite
] the fuss and hysteria kicked up by the enemy," he said.
] "We are in our country and the one who is in his country
] is right and its enemy is wrong. When the enemy comes as
] an aggressor, the victory will go to the people of right
] when they are inside their homeland.
] "The enemy will be defeated disgracefully," he said. "It
] has misjudged and misbehaved after abandoning any means
] of honesty on which good people meet and cooperate." "

Heed these words Mr. Bush. I am sure that keep you up at night. :D - Inspectors are spying, says Saddam - Jan. 6, 2003

2002 College Bowls - BCS forming committee to discuss possible playoff - Friday January 03, 2003 02:25 PM
Topic: Movies 2:44 pm EST, Jan  3, 2003

] "The Bowl Championship Series will form a committee to
] discuss changes that eventually could lead to a college
] football playoff.
] One president from each of six conferences -- the
] Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10 and
] Southeastern -- will be picked for the committee this
] month. They are expected to make a recommendation in
] 2005. "

We want playoffs....We want playoffs....

2002 College Bowls - BCS forming committee to discuss possible playoff - Friday January 03, 2003 02:25 PM

Make a mental note: 2003 is going to be the year of “The Matrix.”
Topic: Movies 1:57 pm EST, Dec 23, 2002

] "Says cinematographer Bill Pope: “It’s going to make ‘The Fast and the Furious’ look like ‘The Slow and the Dimwitted’.”

Excellent read! Can't wait!

Make a mental note: 2003 is going to be the year of “The Matrix.”

New Lott video adds fuel to furor
Topic: Movies 5:40 pm EST, Dec 17, 2002

] "MSNBC TV has uncovered footage from October 2000 in
] which Sen. Trent Lott is heard saying Strom Thurmond
] %u201Cshould have been president,%u201D a reference to
] Thurmond%u2019s 1948 presidential candidacy. It was
] Lott%u2019s praise two weeks ago for Thurmond%u2019s
] presidential bid that caused a storm of criticism and
] claims that Lott was endorsing racial segregation. Senate
] Republicans will meet Jan. 6 to weigh Lott%u2019s fate.
] Right now, Lott doesn%u2019t have the 26 Senate
] Republican votes needed to keep his job as majority
] leader, sources told NBC%u2019s Tim Russert."
] THE 2000 VIDEO footage comes from a formal signing ceremony for a
]defense spending bill.
] As Thurmond, who was the Senate president pro tempore at
] the time, puts his signature on the bill, Lott is heard in the
] background saying, “now this is a famous signature right here.”
] A woman’s voice then praises Thurmond’s pro-military
] record, to which Lott replies that Thurmond “should have been
] president in 1947, I think it was.”

There is always the smoking gun video. ;)

New Lott video adds fuel to furor

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