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Current Topic: Technology

Online divorce growing in popularity
Topic: Technology 9:06 am EDT, May 29, 2003

] Offering a simpler and cheaper path to divorce, an
] ever-growing array of dot-coms, computer-savvy lawyers
] and state court officials are encouraging unhappily
] married Americans to arrange their breakups online. For
] fees ranging from $50 to $300 a small fraction of
] what most lawyers charge even for an uncontested divorce
] couples are being provided with the appropriate
] forms and varying degrees of help completing them.

Online divorce growing in popularity

DVD Copying
Topic: Technology 11:57 am EDT, May 17, 2003


Here is the software that is of interest to you. You can copy 1:1 to another DVD disc:

Here is the latest legal battle on it:


DVD Copying

Microsoft has unveiled Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2004
Topic: Technology 10:22 am EST, Mar 19, 2003

] Microsoft has unveiled Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)
] 2004, the latest version of its event and performance
] management suite for Windows-based servers and
] applications.

MOM is going to be doing a lot of clean up work.

Microsoft has unveiled Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2004

Some call it Massive Ordnance Air Burst (MOAB) or Weapons of Mass Destruction (WoMD)
Topic: Technology 12:36 pm EST, Mar 11, 2003

Sources say MOAB ? still experimental ? is a 21,000-pound bomb that will be pushed out the back of a C-130 transport and guided by satellite. Because it is not dropped by parachute, as was the old Daisy Cutter, the aircraft can let it go from far higher altitudes, making it safer for U.S. pilots.

The MOAB's massive explosive punch, sources say, is similar to a small nuclear weapon.

Whatever the target, it must be far from cities where civilians might be hurt. But one important aspect of using this type of weapon, sources say, will be psychological impact on enemy troops. It is intended to terrorize Iraqi troops, drastically reducing their desire to continue the fight.

Some call it Massive Ordnance Air Burst (MOAB) or Weapons of Mass Destruction (WoMD)

Small web server mounted on a dead fly!
Topic: Technology 10:38 am EST, Mar  4, 2003

One dead fly with one microprocessor implanted into the fly body. The chip is a fully operational web server on the internet, and enables online viewers to enter and exit the fly corpse.

Small web server mounted on a dead fly!

For Sale: A Piece of APPLE History
Topic: Technology 10:24 am EST, Feb 20, 2003

An extremely rare Apple I -- one of only about 30 still in circulation -- will be auctioned on the Vintage Computer Festival website.

For Sale: A Piece of APPLE History

Government warns 'patriot hackers'
Topic: Technology 2:54 pm EST, Feb 13, 2003

] Real patriots don't hack. Uncle Sam says only he can do
] that.
] The FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center
] warned Wednesday that growing tensions between the United
] States and Iraq could lead to an increase in global
] computer hacking activities on both sides.
] "Regardless of the motivation, the NIPC reiterates such
] activity is illegal and punishable as a felony," the
] agency warns on its Web site. "The U.S. government does
] not condone so-called 'patriot hacking' on its behalf

Government warns 'patriot hackers'

Bush Orders Guidelines for Cyber-Warfare
Topic: Technology 10:06 am EST, Feb  7, 2003

] President Bush has signed a secret directive ordering the
] government to develop, for the first time, national-level
] guidance for determining when and how the United States
] would launch cyber-attacks against enemy computer
] networks, according to administration officials.

Bush Orders Guidelines for Cyber-Warfare

Personal call from The Woz shocks Mac user
Topic: Technology 5:15 pm EST, Jan 29, 2003

] The owner of a Segway HT enthusiast site got a shock when
] he was phoned by Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak -- a well
] known supporter of the pricey transporter.
] "We chatted for a bit about our Segway HT use, some
] ideas, the recent San Francisco happenings as well as
] some experiences we've both had using the HT," said
] Torrone, who recently published pictures of using vintage
] iMac power cords to charge the Segway.

Personal call from The Woz shocks Mac user

Meteorologist 1.2.2 for OSX
Topic: Technology 11:17 am EST, Jan 28, 2003

] Meteorologist is the only full featured free weather
] program for Mac OS X (that I've seen). It was inspired by
] a couple week problem with another weather program, and I
] had the crazy idea that I would right a simple program to
] take its place. Several months later, Meteorologist has
] matured into a very strong program, representing not only
] my efforts, but also the helpful and insightful comments
] of those who use this program. Meteorologist now supports
] multiple cities, multiple servers, new version and server
] error checking, and many more features.

Meteorologist 1.2.2 for OSX

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