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Current Topic: Technology Nukes: To Pyongyang from Nashville?
Topic: Technology 4:56 pm EST, Jan 22, 2003

] Is President Bush's "axis of evil" campaign about to be
] undermined in his own backyard? A proposed uranium
] enrichment facility planned in Hartsville, Tenn. (pop.
] 2,395) raises just that question. One of the plant's
] principal backers is URENCO, a European consortium linked
] to leaks of enrichment technology to, yes, Iran, Iraq,
] and North Korea %u2014 as well as to Pakistan. Nukes: To Pyongyang from Nashville?

Cops not amused at drunk driver's smiley
Topic: Technology 3:44 pm EST, Jan 21, 2003

] -- A man who erased his drunk-driving record from a
] police computer and replaced it with a winking "smiley
] face" graphic ended up with a suspended license and a
] fine when police failed to see the funny side.
] The 19-year-old computer whiz had been arrested for drunk
] driving and summoned to appear in court in Besancon, in
] eastern France, the French daily Liberation reported
] Tuesday. Finding an unmanned computer as he arrived at
] the police station for his hearing, the man decided to
] test the good humor of the court by sneaking into the
] database.

Cops not amused at drunk driver's smiley

Homemade GPS jammers raise concerns - Computerworld
Topic: Technology 10:52 am EST, Jan 18, 2003

Information in the article that appears in the current issue of the online hacker magazine Phrack potentially puts at risk GPS devices used for commercial navigation and military operations, authorities said.

The Phrack article provides a detailed guide to building a low-cost, portable GPS jammer out of components that can be easily obtained from electronics supply houses. According to the article, the "onslaught of cheap GPS-based navigation (or hidden tracking devices) has made it necessary for the average citizen to take up the fine art of electronic warfare." Electronics and GPS experts who read the article this week called it technically competent and said amateurs with a certain amount of technical skill could build a GPS jammer from the plans.

Homemade GPS jammers raise concerns - Computerworld

Iraqis may have GPS jammers
Topic: Technology 12:59 pm EST, Jan 10, 2003

] "NBC News has learned from senior U.S. officials that the
] Iraqi government is believed to have bought a large
] number %u2014 perhaps 200 %u2014 of Russian-made global
] positioning system jammers, which can disrupt GPS
] signals. The devices, each about the size of a cigar box,
] may be able to fool the precision-guided bombs and
] missiles that would form the backbone of the U.S.
] military arsenal in a war with Iraq."

Iraqis may have GPS jammers

All your base are switch to us
Topic: Technology 11:54 pm EST, Jan  6, 2003

hahaha....All your base are switch to us (Mac theme)

All your base are switch to us

Topic: Technology 1:25 pm EST, Jan  6, 2003

] "Hackbot is a vulnerability scanner that started as a
] joke at first, but now it has become a serious project. Hackbot
] scans over 300 CGI's, scans for banners of several services,
] does unicode checks, checks for open relays, outsmarts Cisco
] PIX MailGuard, can do ripe checkup, spamcop db checkup,
] X connect test and lots more."

Of interest...


Wired News: Archive: Fresh Spam for Everyone
Topic: Technology 11:53 am EST, Nov 29, 2002

] "Is your spouse dissatisfied with the size of your spam?
] A brand-new website has made several hundred thousand
] pieces of unsolicited commercial e-mail available for you
] to download today. Act now!
] After a quiet online debut last week, the Spam Archive is
] making quick strides toward becoming the largest public
] library of junk e-mail on the Internet.
] Paul Judge, director of research and development for
] CipherTrust, the e-mail security firm backing the
] project, says the site received roughly 5,000 forwarded
] messages a day during its first week."

Wired News: Archive: Fresh Spam for Everyone

NewsSeer: A Recommender System for Breaking News
Topic: Technology 4:27 pm EST, Nov 11, 2002

NewsSeer news monitoring and profiling service. NewsSeer locates recent news articles and current events that match your interests.

Jeremy wrote:
NewsSeer is a project of Steve Lawrence, the creator of CiteSeer. It's a news search engine (somewhat like Google News), but it also improves with time by incorporating feedback from users. You can build a profile and explicitly rate stories and news sources; there is also implicit feedback.

NewsSeer: A Recommender System for Breaking News

Linux Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS)
Topic: Technology 12:45 pm EDT, Oct 24, 2002

The Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) Project has the goal of providing unparalleled flexibility and extensibility in managing storage. It represents a new approach to logical volume management, as the architecture introduces a plug-in model that allows for easy expansion or customization of various levels of volume management.

This should make its way into the 2.6/3.0 kernel tree. Looks to be far more advanced them the currently LVM (Sistina) that ships with RedHat and other distros.

The comparison of EVMS and other VMs paper is sums up things nicely. And be sure to check out the screenshots.

Linux Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS)

Roomba Floor Vac Robot
Topic: Technology 9:42 am EDT, Sep 23, 2002

"Roomba dancing robot vacuums and sweeps automatically -- even when you're asleep or out of the house."

Roomba Floor Vac Robot

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