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Current Topic: Recreation

Beerdolier, Go Commando!
Topic: Recreation 10:47 pm EDT, Aug 13, 2008

If Batman prefers the Beer Belt, what does Rambo wear?

I need one of these before I go to PhreakNic.

Beerdolier, Go Commando!

Oysterfestival & Crawfish Cookoff: This weekend
Topic: Recreation 3:37 pm EDT, Mar 26, 2008

I am going to be in town this weekend. You up for catching a drink one of the nights or joining in for oysterfest on saturday afternoon with a bunch of us?

[ Video Link ]
I'll go to oysterfest. As if that flash video wasn't compelling enough.

Oyster Crawfish Festival with Heavy Mojo, The Squirrelheads, Fighting Foo, & Sundogs
Saturday, March 29th 12pm
Tickets on Sale now $10 in advance
Ticket prices will increase Thursday to $15!
may increase to $30 at the door

Join Us Rain or Shine for 4,000 lbs of Atlanta's Best Crawfish prepared by the Catering Cajun! Enjoy a 2lb serving for only $10.00 and fresh beer battered oysters flash fried and served with remoulade for $8.00.

Oysterfestival & Crawfish Cookoff: This weekend

Flash in the Pan
Topic: Recreation 10:36 am EDT, Mar 25, 2008

Since people seemed to like the Akira motorcycle, NW thought he'd mention the Mach 5 on display at the New York Auto Show.

Also appearing on the show floor are some unique vehicles that first came to life on-screen, including the Mach 5, a prop car from the upcoming "Speed Racer" film.

I want it.

Flash in the Pan

Beer Bottle Goblets
Topic: Recreation 2:11 pm EST, Jan 23, 2008

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to combine drinking from a bottle with drinking from an unusual, high quality glass? Well, guess what? There is!

There, the crevasse, fill it, with your mighty juice!

Beer Bottle Goblets

Furries vs Klingons bowling tournament this Sat in Atlanta
Topic: Recreation 10:39 am EDT, Sep 26, 2007

This Saturday, Atlanta's Midtown Bowl will see the second annual Klingons vs Furries bowling tournament, in a mighty subcultural clash. It's like Quadrophenia with furrs and trekkers instead of mods and rockers.

As if Midtown wasn't weird enough...

Furries vs Klingons bowling tournament this Sat in Atlanta

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