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Current Topic: Local Information

European Deli & Market in Atlanta - 2008 HOT LIST
Topic: Local Information 9:31 am EDT, Apr  8, 2008

Polish , Czech, Slovak, Hungarian , German style of food. Sausages, meats, cheese, breads, rolls, struedels, popy seed rolls, dumplings, pierogies. Imported jar products, mineral water, juices. Czech and Polish beer. Take-out catering, European style sauerkraut, Goulash, Soups, Fleish salad, Cod fish salad and more.

550 S Main St Ste.100 Woodstock GA 30188
Tel: 678-238-0567
Hours: Thue-Sat 11 - 7 pm.

And we'll make a good goulash baby. Dio time to go!

Tenacious D - Dio

European Deli & Market in Atlanta - 2008 HOT LIST

The Mitty '08
Topic: Local Information 9:03 pm EDT, Apr  7, 2008

Come join us in Georgia for the ultimate race weekend party: GRM Speedfest at The Classic Motorsports Mitty May 2-4. Once again, we'll take care of the infield entertainment during HSR's Road Atlanta historic race weekend with car corrals, autocross runs and a huge party at the Moss Pub with Moss Motors, complete with a dart tournament.

Ford Power is the Mitty's theme this year, and both old and new models will be featured. Classic Fords will do battle in the HSR run groups, while the weekend will also feature the debut race for the new Ford Racing Mustang Challenge for the Miller Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires.

This series — sanctioned by Grand-Am, the same people who run the Rolex 24 At Daytona — recalls days gone by of production-based door-slammers fighting it out for world domination. Each competitor must run the Ford Mustang FR500S, a factory-built racer based on the latest Mustang GT. Each car comes from the factory ready to race, down to the roll cage and safety gear.

Mazda is again sponsoring the event and will again bring several of their historic cars to the track. If you have ever wanted to see some of the world’s best rotary-powered racers up close, this would be your chance. Mazda fans can also enjoy the SCCA Pro Mazda MX-5 Cup Series. Thanks to Kumho tires, they'll also have a chance to autocross an MX-5.

I will be going to this!

[ Video Link ]

The Mitty '08

America’s Fastest-Growing Metros
Topic: Local Information 10:31 pm EST, Feb  4, 2008

Ultimately, you're just as hosed as Munich, but the next five years look good, apparently.

These cities, large and small, promise the best economic growth over the next five years.

Top 3
1) Austin, TX
2) Cape Coral-Ft. Myers, FL
3) Atlanta, GA

See also slide show.

America’s Fastest-Growing Metros

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