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(AIM) Quote of the week
Topic: Miscellaneous 4:36 pm EDT, Jul 25, 2009
(4:32:42 PM) lin0xx: this is weird that you're on today
(4:32:47 PM) Billy Hoffman: how so?
(4:32:53 PM) lin0xx: because i met who apparently once was virgil's former girlfriend last night..
(4:33:02 PM) Billy Hoffman: haha
(4:33:13 PM) lin0xx: seriously, she lives in this dorm
(4:33:15 PM) Billy Hoffman: virgil's got a lot of ladies... usually asian...
(4:33:23 PM) lin0xx: yeah this sounds about right...
(4:33:34 PM) Billy Hoffman: HAHA
(4:33:37 PM) lin0xx: i half killed her though
(4:33:40 PM) Billy Hoffman: !!!?
(4:33:44 PM) lin0xx: yeah see
(4:33:51 PM) lin0xx: she tried my spaghetti-al-diablo..
(4:34:00 PM) lin0xx: 10 habaneros + 7 jalapenos + half a can of cayenne pepper
(4:34:17 PM) Billy Hoffman: any room left for spaghetti in there?
(4:34:23 PM) lin0xx: oh yeah, totally
(4:34:27 PM) lin0xx: in fact, i'm eating it right now
(4:34:34 PM) lin0xx: i think i must have high tolerance to capsaicin now..
(4:34:36 PM) Billy Hoffman: You are insane Nathan ;-)
(4:34:38 PM) lin0xx: as in, my mouth isn't burning at all
(4:34:48 PM) Billy Hoffman: as they say in real genius
(4:34:52 PM) Billy Hoffman: "up the voltage"
(4:34:55 PM) lin0xx: loooool
(4:35:05 PM) lin0xx: yeah i guess i should throw 15 in next time

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