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Current Topic: Games

Topic: Games 2:31 pm EST, Nov 17, 2008

Now you can be the protagonist of the petroleum era: explore and drill around the world, corrupt politicians, stop alternative energies and increase the oil addiction. Be sure to have fun before the resources begin to deplete.

this is ridiculously fun to play!


Live action version of GoldenEye 64
Topic: Games 1:37 am EDT, Jun 25, 2006

A little slow at first, but these kids made a live action walkthrough (with some liberties...) of Goldeneye 64, complete with sound effects, disappearing corpses, talking to Q, going to the sub screens, dying, and more.

Live action version of GoldenEye 64

RE: Fake or Foto?
Topic: Games 4:37 pm EST, Dec 27, 2005

Take a look at the ten images below. Some of them are photographs
of real objects or scenes, others are created by computer graphics
(CG) artists. Test your ability to tell which among the array of
images are real, and which are CG. If you want a closer look, click
the image to see a larger view of the picture. Once you've decided
what's what, click either CG or REAL to begin the tally of your
score. Work through each of the ten images. When you've finished,
you'll be prompted to get your score.

I actually get 10/10 my first try out and 4/4 on the bonus round my first time. I thought I'd share my insight.

Answers are here:

The trick is to not look at the main parts of the picture because the 3D guys tried to make that look good. They spent less time on everything else.

#1: Black Car - FAKE - Look at the 4 windows in the top center of the screen. Look at the sky to the left of that. Look at the brick work on the building to the right. The license plate also looks funny to me

#2: Coffee cup - FAKE - Right out the gate its got a 3D modeling company name the cup. Look at the upper rim of the cup: Too much glint and glare. Look at the cup and saucer. Do you have cups that reflects that clearly?

#3: Corkscrew - REAL - There are some inperfections in the corkscrew before the threads start. The light and shadow seem to match. The reflective nature of the silver is realistic. Took an educated guess.

#4: Diamonds - FAKE - Having looked at a *lot* of diamonds of late, I know these look nothing like real diamonds. They all are reflecting the same shades and colors. Plus a bunch of diamonds sounds like an overused 3D graphics demo.

#5: Nut and Bolt - REAL - The focusing/unfocusing looked real. CGI normally messes that up. The slight scratches on the top of the nut and end of the bolt looked real.

#6: Egg beaters - FAKE - The wires all go from grey to black in the smae place. The counter is clearly fake.

#7: Car Hood - REAL - See, this is how the hood of #1 should have looked. The lines of the clouds were not crisp like some 3D guy would make them. The license plate look very real. I reasoned if it was CGI it would look better. Made an educated guess.

#8: Wooden Monkeys - FAKE - All thet wood grain is parallel with the length of the arms and legs. The lines are too sharp to be real, especially on the face. There are no dents in the "wood" anywhere. Hands are too circular to be real. Lighting and lines around mouth are pretty bad.

#9: Glass beads - REAL - Lighting is correct. Doesn't try to do any crazy reflecting or shading. Shape of beads and reflective nature seemed correct. If these was 3D they would have tried to make them shiny, and you would end up with somethin... [ Read More (0.1k in body) ]

RE: Fake or Foto?

Zombie Grinder 4000
Topic: Games 11:47 am EST, Nov 20, 2005

Zombie blasting overlaid on top of speed metal. Fun times

Zombie Grinder 4000

Warez kiddies are fun
Topic: Games 1:02 am EST, Nov 30, 2004

While looking for a game FAQ, I ran across a Warez site in Russia. When I clicked the link I got a php page that detected firefox and then said:

For security reasons, you can only view this site with Microsoft Internet Explorer.Please download or run Internet Explorer to continue with the site...

Thank you


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