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Current Topic: Local Information

99X - Everything No Longer Alternative
Topic: Local Information 7:42 am EST, Jan 22, 2008

Well, 99x in Atlanta is going off the air to be replaced by a Top 40 station.


I've been listening to 99x for well over a decade now and was exposed to so many fantastic bands through concerts sponsored by 99x. The Marvelous Three, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, Live, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Cowboy Mouth, Lords of Acid, Eve6, Blink 182, Everclear, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, the list goes on and on. And even if my musical tastes match less and less with newer music, until a few months back I could listen to the Retroplex around lunch where they played The Clash, Velvet Underground, The Cure, New Order, The Ramones, and Bad Religion.

But this morning all I get is 30-something jack offs talking about the bar scene, golf, and their fucking MySpace pages.

I feel like I'm in the middle of a Lewis Black bit, because repeatedly shouting "Are you fucking kidding me?" seems the only applicable thing to do.

99X - Everything No Longer Alternative

Wind Turbine in Grant Park
Topic: Local Information 5:42 pm EDT, Oct  9, 2007

The 49-year-old residential developer is remodeling his 1920s house to be more environmentally friendly, including installation of a 45-foot-tall wind turbine in his front yard. "It's really none of their business how I spend my money," Mann said.

The towering turbine, which overlooks majestic trees and Victorian rooftops, pits preservationists in Atlanta's Grant Park Historic District against a property owner and his individual rights.

"It's unattractive and it's a nuisance," said Scott Herzinger, whose home is three doors down. Mann "invaded the public view ... when he put that tower up."

At a cost of $15,000, Mann said the turbine will shave at least $20 per month off his power bill -- hardly a windfall. A proposed federal tax credit would bring Mann $3,000. Acknowledging it could be decades before his investment pays off, Mann said, "even if it was a 50-year payback, at least we've done something to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels."

Herzinger blames Atlanta, which "let us down miserably" when zoning officials sided with Mann.

Said Mann, "If regulations for historic preservation don't address modern-day issues, then they're not very sound."

But Herzinger, 48, who shares Mann's support for wind power, said Mann could have considered many alternatives which would have helped the environment more than the turbine. "After looking at the facts, it doesn't seem unreasonable to think of Mann's wind turbine as eco-bling."

It is Mann's property and its not against building regulations. And who cares whether it is cost effective or not or if you think Mann could have done alternatives or not. He decided to build a wind turbine. It highly visible and serves as a catalyst for discussion about engery policy in a way that filling his home with compact fluorescents won't do.

Good for Mann. Booo on cranky Atlanta home owners.

Wind Turbine in Grant Park

Atlantic Station - Grand Opening next week.
Topic: Local Information 10:17 pm EDT, Oct 12, 2005

Atlantic Station, the giant developement on 17th St in Atlanta next to the I-75/I-85 connector has its grand opening next week!

I will be able to walk a block to a grocery store and a movie theatre.

Atlantic Station - Grand Opening next week.

Arrive Air Service: About Arrive
Topic: Local Information 11:31 am EDT, Aug  9, 2005

For those of you who travel... check these guys out... I just got off a flight from near my house, to Nashvegas...

It was nice... no lines, no security hassles, just a nice clean, flight on a Piper Navajo Chieftan... it was sweet.

I normally don't sleep on airplanes, and I slept for almost an hour of the hour and fifteen minute flight. For those of you who know how big I am, I got to stretch out, there was only one other passenger, and for $240.00, it beat Delta's price to the same city.

Moveover, I flew into John C. Tune Airport, and Hertz had my car waiting... I just walked off the plane, through the FBO (fixed base operator) and got into my car...

Simple, easy, affordable. The way air travel should be.

Can you give us more info about the whole experience. I heard about these guys a few months back, and you are ther first person I know who flew with them.

-They only fly into general aviation right?
-How far in advance did you have to book?
-How was the inside ofthe plane? Good seats? Lots of engine noise?

Arrive Air Service: About Arrive

Mork:: Or, How I learned to hate Mozilla File formats
Topic: Local Information 11:34 pm EDT, May  3, 2005

Anyone who has used Thunderbird sees that its address book leaves much to be desired. For its addressbook, .MSF files, history files, etc, Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird all use a Indexing database called Mork.

I would like to punch the person who invented this *directly* in the face.

Once I figure this out, there are some cool apps to be written here. The first is "Mail you thought you deleted, but really didn't"

Mork:: Or, How I learned to hate Mozilla File formats

Women Lack 'Natural Ability' In Some Fields, Harvard President Says
Topic: Local Information 10:20 am EST, Jan 18, 2005

] The president of Harvard University prompted criticism
] for suggesting that innate differences between the sexes
] could help explain why fewer women succeed in science and
] math careers.
] Lawrence H. Summers, speaking Friday at an economic
] conference, also questioned how great a role
] discrimination plays in keeping female scientists and
] engineers from advancing at elite universities.

...! Foot meet mouth.

Women Lack 'Natural Ability' In Some Fields, Harvard President Says

Phreaknic Videos
Topic: Local Information 8:50 pm EST, Jan  9, 2005

I have a god, and his name is Wilpig. He has all the Videos from PN8 up. Meanwhile, the videos from IZ1 are still in a box somewhere...

Phreaknic Videos - Fighter jet strafes New Jersey school - Nov 5, 2004
Topic: Local Information 10:20 am EST, Nov  5, 2004

] But when the heavy gun in the left wing of an Air
] National Guard F-16 fighter jet fired Wednesday night, it
] sent 25 rounds of 20mm ammunition smashing through the
] roof and zinging off the asphalt parking lot of the
] Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School 3 1/2 miles from
] the range.

I love my state, I really do.

I am Rattle's deadpan humor - Fighter jet strafes New Jersey school - Nov 5, 2004

Eminem - Mosh Song Lyrics
Topic: Local Information 10:46 pm EDT, Oct 27, 2004

] Someone's trying to tell us something, maybe this is God
] just saying
] we're responsible for this monster, this coward, that we
] have empowered
] This is Bin Laden, look at his head nodding,
] How could we allow something like this, Without pumping
] our fist
] Now this is our, final hour
] Let me be the voice, and your strength, and your choice
] Let me simplify the rhyme, just to amplify the noise
] Try to amplify the times it, and multiply it by six
] Teen million people are equal of this high pitch
] Maybe we can reach Al Quaida through my speech
] Let the President answer on high anarchy
] Strap him with AK-47, let him go
] Fight his own war, let him impress daddy that way
] No more blood for oil, we got our own battles to fight on
] our soil
] No more psychological warfare to trick us to think that
] we ain't loyal
] If we don't serve our own country we're patronizing a
] hero

Well said. I am getting very tired of people equating Anti-Bush with Anti-Troops or Anti-American. About the most American thing we can do is actively question our leadship.

Eminem - Mosh Song Lyrics

FBI says violent crime down 3% last year |
Topic: Local Information 11:00 am EDT, Oct 26, 2004

] Violent crime in cities dropped 3.9 percent compared with
] 2002 and 3.7 percent in less metropolitan areas.

The funny part is this:

] Excluding traffic stops, law enforcement agencies made
] 13.6 million arrests in 2003, or about 4,695 arrests for
] every 100,000 Americans. In 2003, those agencies solved
] about 46 percent of violent crimes, including about 62
] percent of murders.

The funny thing is that they are arresting more people per 100,000 then there were crimes per 100,000. Given that criminals often commit more then one crime, the cops are busting way more people then there are criminals. And as they are only "solving" about half the cases.... you get the picture...

FBI says violent crime down 3% last year |

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