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Arrive Air Service: About Arrive
Topic: Local Information 11:31 am EDT, Aug  9, 2005

For those of you who travel... check these guys out... I just got off a flight from near my house, to Nashvegas...

It was nice... no lines, no security hassles, just a nice clean, flight on a Piper Navajo Chieftan... it was sweet.

I normally don't sleep on airplanes, and I slept for almost an hour of the hour and fifteen minute flight. For those of you who know how big I am, I got to stretch out, there was only one other passenger, and for $240.00, it beat Delta's price to the same city.

Moveover, I flew into John C. Tune Airport, and Hertz had my car waiting... I just walked off the plane, through the FBO (fixed base operator) and got into my car...

Simple, easy, affordable. The way air travel should be.

Can you give us more info about the whole experience. I heard about these guys a few months back, and you are ther first person I know who flew with them.

-They only fly into general aviation right?
-How far in advance did you have to book?
-How was the inside ofthe plane? Good seats? Lots of engine noise?

Arrive Air Service: About Arrive

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