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QuirksBlog: The HTML5 drag and drop disaster


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QuirksBlog: The HTML5 drag and drop disaster
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:37 am EDT, Sep 21, 2009

In fact, it’s so outrageously bad that I’ve gone on strike. I refuse to do any more research on drag and drop. Go do it yourself. Or don’t bother. Whatever. I don’t care.

OK, got it.

For the drop event to fire at all, you have to cancel the defaults of both the dragover and the dragenter event.

[ ... ]

... say WHAT?!?

OK, let’s try again:

The default action of the dragover and the dragenter events is NOT being able to drop an element. And you have to cancel these default actions in order to drop an element. Obviously.

[ ... ]

Say. Fucking. WHAT?!?

OK, one more time:

The dragover and dragenter events exist for the sole reason of forcing web developers who want to perform a drop action to cancel their obscure default actions.

You’re kidding me.

[ ... crickets ... ]

You’ve GOT to be FUCKING kidding me!

I’m not going to cancel the default actions of not one but two of your bullshit events in order to get the most important action in the entire fucking module working.

Then we won’t play. Nyaa, nyaa...

You bunch of fucking idiots don’t have the fuckingest clue what you’re doing!


QuirksBlog: The HTML5 drag and drop disaster

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