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I (heart) my Officejet 6500


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I (heart) my Officejet 6500
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:10 pm EDT, Sep 30, 2009

Today I found myself in an awkward position. A client for the new venture sent me some forms to sign and send back to them. The problem was I didn't have a scanner. Or a printer that wasn't a free-with-rebate piece of junk.

I went into Best Buy thinking I'd buy an HP Laserjet thats on sale for $99. I wasn't very impressed. Then I saw the HP OfficeJet 6500. It is on sale at Best Buy right now for $99. I am extremely happy with my purchase!

-It has wired networking which worked right out of the box. Plugged it in, pulled an IP over DHCP, good to go.
-The driver CD didn't try to install a bunch of crap on my machine
-You can scan using the flatbed *or* by putting a stack of papers on the top rack. Super handy for scanning multiple page NDAs ;-)
-It natively scans to PDF which can then be emailed or sent directly into your "My Documents" folder. So Sexy!
-Don't have to do anything crazy to scan things from inside programs like The Gimp even though its networked.
-Printing is damn fast

I'm creating a legitimate company! I've got the office equipment to prove it ;-)

I (heart) my Officejet 6500

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