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Book Snip: The Absurdity of Cookie Storage


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Book Snip: The Absurdity of Cookie Storage
Topic: Technology 2:05 am EDT, Jun  6, 2007

The follow is an excerpt from the upcoming Ajax Security book. It discusses a downside of using HTTP cookies as a persistent client-side storage system: they get appended to every appropriate HTTP request.

To illustrate this more clearly, think of cookie storage like having to remember an errand to do after work by shouting it at the end of every sentence you say. It would sound something like this:

Bryan: Hello Billy, what’s Shaking?

Billy: Hey Bryan. Just finishing this chapter on offline Ajax. Pick up Red Bull On the Way Home!

Bryan: ... ... Uhhhhh, Ok. Why are you shouting that at me instead of writing it down?

Billy: Because I choose a poor client-side storage methodology. Pick up Red Bull On The Way Home!

Bryan: ... ... Ok, this is just weird. I’m leaving.

Billy: You should be glad I can only store 4K of data this way. Pick Up Red Bull On The Way Home!

Thats right, No silly appendices full of ASCII tables and RFCs. We replaced that crap with comedy. Extremely poor comedy :-)

All writing and no play makes billy a dulllllllllllllllllllll boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. [sleeps]

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