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DARPA funding to track people on Internet


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DARPA funding to track people on Internet
Topic: Miscellaneous 9:58 am EST, Feb  4, 2004

] So far it has largely been used by US intelligence
] agencies to analyse the huge amount of information
] collected as part of the war on terror.
] "The government and international security agencies have
] a desire to find, track and sometimes arrest people,"

If this quote doesn't scare the hell out of you something is wrong. A desire to find and track people.... and sometimes arrest them. Why the hell do you need to find anyone in the world and be able to track them unless you have an active and justified investigation of them? And its scary how no one is reacting to this drastic change in policy for protection of the fatherland... sorry I meant homeland.

Just as the Iraqi Survey Groups goals changed (WMD to evidence of WMD to evidence of WMD related programs), so has the governments stance on how it will use info to "protect" us. (General info, no unique identifiers for a person to CAPSII to Ability to track everyone, but trust us, we won't abuse it)

DARPA funding to track people on Internet

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