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Slashdot | An Ignition Interlock In Every Car?


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Slashdot | An Ignition Interlock In Every Car?
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:25 pm EST, Feb 19, 2004

inignoct wrote:
] ] Monday the New Mexico House of Representatives passed a
] ] bill that would require every car sold in the state to
] ] have an ignition interlock. This device is essentially a
] ] breath analyzer that prevents the car from being started
] ] if the driver is drunk. The bill would require that every
] ] new car sold be equipped with an ignition interlock by
] ] 2008 and every used car by 2009. Ignition interlocks
] ] require a breath test, which takes 30 seconds to
] ] complete, to start the car as well as random 'rolling
] ] retests' to discourage others from taking the test for
] ] you. These rolling retests require the driver to take the
] ] test as the car is moving. If the driver fails a retest,
] ] the horn sounds and the lights flash until the car is
] ] turned off.
] [ Jesus. Fuck that. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit, and
] expense, for the millions of us who've never driven while even
] slightly drunk. I'm gonna be pissed if my car is $500 more
] expensive because there are a bunch of fucktards in this
] country that can't get it through their fucking heads that
] driving drunk is a fucking bad idea. This country claims to
] be founded on a distrust of government and a policy of minimal
] government invasiveness, and yet everyday someone is all about
] abdicating their responsibility to parent or drink responsibly
] or whatever in favor of mandating unwieldy controls.
] Completely absurd. -k]

I'm going to have to borrow one of Abaddon's lines here: What kind of no talent ass clowns do they elect in New Mexico that come up with an utterly retarded scheme like this? I understand that state's are low on money, but I expected to see a bill to bring the Roswell alien's out of storage and charge folks a nickel to see them instead of something so mindless.

Slashdot | An Ignition Interlock In Every Car?

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