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CBS News | If Anne Frank Only Knew ... | February 27, 2004Â 18:05:26


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CBS News | If Anne Frank Only Knew ... | February 27, 2004Â 18:05:26
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:23 pm EST, Mar  1, 2004

inignoct wrote:
] ] "As long as the warmonger Bush and the Nazi Americans
] ] live, who are worse than Hitler's fascists, world peace
] ] will be impossible to achieve," a North Korean schoolgirl
] ] says to Bartelsman.
] ]
] ] "The Americans enjoy's part of their nature,"
] ] says a boy.
] [ So sad. Hate is learned... teaching a child hate is among
] the worst sins one can commit. What a travesty. -k]

I saw this British news crew that got to go into North Korea on PBS a year back (Frontline? maybe). Anyway, they were given 2 "guides" [cough]governmentagents[cough], who showed them around the country and answered their questions. Its was wild how literially brainwashed these people were.

The guides explained some monument that showed "The GreaT Leader repelling the evil imperialist Americans and Japanese tried to conquer NK in WWII." It was so funny to listen to the British try to explain that no, the Germans and Japanese started the war against Europe Russia and the US. The guide simply could not believe it, insisting the US started WWII.

In the rural areas, the guide were preplexed by the British questions about all the famine that has been reported and replied "no, there are no famines here." The British tried to explain, "Yes, the UN is giving you grain, millions are dying from lack of food," and even showed the guide newspapers from several different countries talking about the UN food relief effort. Again the guide looked at him like he said 2+2=5.

Here is an entire country that has been lied to about the events of the world for the past 60+ years. It is extremely sad to think of all the wasted potential.

CBS News | If Anne Frank Only Knew ... | February 27, 2004Â 18:05:26

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