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Tampabay: Have your thumb ready to ride the bus


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Tampabay: Have your thumb ready to ride the bus
Topic: Society 1:07 pm EST, Mar  5, 2004

] "If my child was in elementary school, I would welcome this with
] open arms and say, "please, please, tell me my kid got on the bus
] and got off the bus,"' said School Board chairwoman Jane Gallucci.

She latered added, "I mean come on, I the fucking School Board Chairwoman; my career is far more important than something so Donny-Reed-like as taking care of my child. I'd have to take some sort of an interest in his upbringing if I was to know if he got on the bus or not. I'd rather not even think twice about having my child figureprinted so then I know he is going to school. That saves me time of explaining things like how skipping school is wrong, or why he shouldn't talk with or ever go anywhere with strangers. God forbid having a kid would tak time out of my day to personally see him off in the morning, or getting a fellow students parent to see them off. All of these are stupid life lessions anyway. It damn time society finally takes some responsiblity in raising my child."

Parents these days suck ass. That's not teenage angst, thats from watching the knee-jerk that was Columbine.

Tampabay: Have your thumb ready to ride the bus

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