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RE: Telling the Truth hurts...


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RE: Telling the Truth hurts...
Topic: Current Events 2:44 am EDT, May 15, 2006

Dc0de has joined what we have started referring to as "the club." People we know who have received legal threats for saying true things in a public place. This seems to happen a lot to computer security people.

People who use the legal system to squash critics instead of appropriately addressing their criticism in print are operating in a manner that is out of sync with the core values of this nation. I hold this sort of behavior in very poor esteem.

All around scary stuff. Its a sad day when opinions get silenced by lawsuits.

That slander charge is a bitch. I said a lot of very bad, public things about Blackboard, their executives, and the sexual habits of their mothers. Thankfully no one ever pulled that crap on me.

Actually, slander is a growing concern of mine. The way you all have seen me give a presentation at say, Phreaknic, is the same way I give a presentation at BlackHat: rather informal with a fair amount of profanity directed at those who deserve it.

Its only a matter of time before some no talent ass clown somewhere takes offense.

RE: Telling the Truth hurts...

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