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Current Topic: Miscellaneous

I am an idiot
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:27 pm EDT, Aug  3, 2008

So blowing the dust off my BH demos I was getting weird results out of Caffeine Monkey. Like, results where the demo doesn't work. After playing with for a while I shot Ben Feinstein an email at 11:10pm. 5 minutes later he emails me back and 5 minutes after that I'm on the phone with him.

Turns out, I'm retarded Caffeine Monkey isn;t using STDERR like I mistakenly believed/remembered, but hardcoded log files in /tmp/.

I am an idiot and Ben is my hero.

Quotes from work: Trend by sheep
Topic: Miscellaneous 8:07 pm EDT, Jul 31, 2008

From my meeting about reports today:

Joe: This is too much of one color for an executive summary. They needs lots of colors or they think the report is worthless

And the oddest exchange:

Joe: So you want multiple "Trend By" reports?
Ray: Yeah, like "Trend by Severity," "Trend by Risk Score," Trend by anything.... "Trend by Sheep" even.
Billy: Wow, I want to see a "Trend by Sheep" report.
Ray: Yeah! Sheep! But with Velcro gloves. Otherwise they can get away!


[awkward silence]


Billy: I'm posting this to Memestreams.

It comes from both sides somedays
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:46 pm EDT, Jul 25, 2008

I did not expect to spend my Friday talking to Legal about what SQL injection is and why we released a free tool that tests for it.

Do you have any idea what our commercial product suite does?
Where's my money?

If I have to use the "a crowbar is a tool that can be used for good or evil" line I may well go insane.

Of course, its oddly refreshing to talk to people who don't think scary monsters exist. I remember those days...

10 Most Amazing Ghost Towns
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:36 am EDT, Jul 24, 2008

The Kowloon Walled City was located just outside Hong Kong, China during British rule. A former watchpost to protect the area against pirates, it was occupied by Japan during World War II and subsequently taken over by squatters after Japan’s surrender. Neither Britain nor China wanted responsibility for it, so it became its own lawless city.

Its population flourished for decades, with residents building labyrinthine corridors above the street level, which was clogged with trash. The buildings grew so tall that sunlight couldn’t reach the bottom levels and the entire city had to be illuminated with fluorescent lights. It was a place where brothels, casinos, opium dens, cocaine parlors, food courts serving dog meat and secret factories ran unmolested by authorities. It was finally torn down in 1993 after a mutual decision was made by British and Chinese authorities, who had finally grown wary of the unsanitary, anarchic city and its out-of-control population. null

Wow, Kowloon looks like something out of Blade Runner. Kind of like the alleys of of Shinjuku if you turned the power off!

10 Most Amazing Ghost Towns

glumbert - Guess what's in my pants
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:11 am EDT, Jul 23, 2008

Wow! Jimmy puts various things in his pants (king crab leg, racket balls, etc), and women try to guess by feel alone...

Jimmy: How old are you?
Girl: 18.
Jimmy: Are you sure? Uncle Jimmy doesn't need to go to jail!

glumbert - Guess what's in my pants

The Dark Knight
Topic: Miscellaneous 4:24 pm EDT, Jul 18, 2008

See this. See this right. freaking. now. The awesomeness is... awesome.

Construction and cats
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:28 am EDT, Jul 17, 2008

Today I'm having a fence installed. This process has taught me 2 things:

1- I have become a grumpy old man.
2- Cats are fascinated by concrete mixers. Like, unhealthily fascinated.

on the iPod
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:33 am EDT, Jul 14, 2008

Like a rock,
like a planet,
Like a fucking atom bomb,
I remain unperturbed by the joy and the madness
That I encounter everywhere I turn,

Bad Religion on an iPod is remarkably effective at getting your ass up the hills around Riverside park while jogging.

on the iPod

Impossible things
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:25 pm EDT, Jul 13, 2008

I am always doing things I can't do. That's how I get to do them.

--Pablo Picasso.

Alkaline Trio: Agony & Irony
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:59 am EDT, Jul  9, 2008

Well do you find you like to fall in love with people that you're never gonna meet?
It's easier then breaking up and crying in the street
Do you curse the happy couple?
Do you cringe at wedding bells?
Do you drink up all the punch while you wish 'em all to hell

Love Love, Kiss Kiss.... Blah blah blah
You're making me sick
I wish you'd just stop showing off
For the rest of us that no one wants to love.
It's hard enough trying to drink another winter all alone
Love Love, Kiss Kiss.... Blah blah blah

Alkaline Trio has a new album. I've mentioned them before and while there sounds has changed with recent albums like Crimson from there more punk sound of songs like Private Eye, and Radio, I'm enjoying this new album so far.

Alkaline Trio: Agony & Irony

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