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Current Topic: Miscellaneous

Study links oral sex to mouth cancer - SpecialsHealthScience -
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:00 am EST, Mar 30, 2004

] Although the risk is small and it is more likely to
] result from heavy drinking and smoking, scientists have
] uncovered evidence that oral sex can cause mouth cancer.

Study links oral sex to mouth cancer - SpecialsHealthScience -

Interview: Stephen King and his evil elf
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:24 pm EST, Mar 29, 2004

] SK: Well, he stands for, evil, mostly. He comes out from
] time to time, he peers at me with his little red eyes,
] and he gives me story ideas in his raspy voice. Not quite
] human, but not quite animal either. In exchange I feed
] him rats and other small mammals. But recently,
] neighborhood children have been disappearing...
] DW: Heh. Your author's imagination never stops, does it?
] SK: The elf will not allow it to.

Interview: Stephen King and his evil elf

GWB proclaims Jesus Day!
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:13 pm EST, Mar 29, 2004

... ... ... [crickets] ... I... I don't know what to say.

GWB proclaims Jesus Day!

Conservative Punk Magazine - Columns
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:25 pm EST, Mar 28, 2004

] believe this is an age of extremism and in it teen angst
] is being used as a political tool. Columbine allowed
] everyone to see inside the actual depth of emptiness some
] kids feel, medicated or not, and what the outcome of that
] torture could be. Those two kids actions only scratched
] the surface of destruction children could inflict in this
] country if mislead into the world of the Democratic
] deceit machine led by John Kerry.

... HAHAHAHAHAH[falls out of chair].

Conservative Punk Magazine - Columns

Hard-Disk Risk + RANT
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:04 pm EST, Mar 28, 2004

] In fact, only 10 percent of the drives I purchased had
] been properly sanitized.
] Much of the data we found was truly shocking. One of the
] drives once lived in an ATM. It contained a year's worth
] of financial transactionsrom - including account numbers and
] withdrawal amounts — from a organization that had a legal
] requirement to not divulge such information. Two other drives
] contained more than 5,000 credit card numbers—it looked as if
] one had been inside a cash register. Another had e-mail and
] personal financial records of a 45-year-old fellow in Georgia.
] The man is divorced, paying child support and dating a woman
] he met in Savannah. And, oh yeah, he's really into pornography.

This is another yet another problem caused by technology becoming more and more of a black box. People don't understand how a technology works, thus people don't understand how it exposes them, and people get screwed.

I fairly sure this lack of knowledge is a bad thing, and I don't know how to fix it. It even effects techno-junkies, like me. I like understanding technology. However there are some things I really don't care about, such as my car. I just want it to run. I understand how engines work, catalytic converters, etc, but beyond an oil change, fixing a flat, or rotating my tires, I'm sunk. So basically I'm to cars like Joe Sixpack is to Computers. I just want it to work. Of course the difference is my car doesn't have any personal information in it. Or does it? I can think of at least one car of the top of my head that has a hash of the owners fingerprint and voiceprint. Granted its just a hash, but still.

And I think this is a problem thats only going to get worse: How do you explain to people enough about technology to protect themselves? Especially when they don't want to learn they just want it to work. My dad is a perfect example. The man has virus software over 60 months old. Adaware found 45+ *registry* entries of spyware. Viruses, crashes, everything. And everytime time something happens I try to explain to him what I'm doing so he can learn. (ie Explaining boot order so he knows to remove a floppy disk when getting an "invalid system disk" error, instead of calling me at 5:30am). Only dad couldn't give two shits. He doesn't remember what I've said. He wants his computer working again. Its not that dad is losing his mind, its just not important to him. The computer is an appliance, and I stop being the son and start being the Maytag man.

The irony of this is mature folks should get this. My dad was someone who spend time babying a car, changes fluids, tuning the engine when he was young. He should get that a computer is not an appliance, but a finely tuned and powerful piece of equipment. That he needs to take the responsibilty to learn about the computer if he wants to the utilize the power of the machine... [ Read More (0.2k in body) ]

Hard-Disk Risk + RANT

Photoblogging Chernobyl Site Updated
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:24 pm EST, Mar 26, 2004

More great pictures have been added

Photoblogging Chernobyl Site Updated

Georgia House Bans Female Genital Piercings
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:28 pm EST, Mar 24, 2004

] ATLANTA - Genital piercings for women were banned by the
] Georgia House Wednesday as lawmakers considered a bill
] outlining punishments for female genital mutilation.

They just had this report on 11 Alive news in Atlanta. Rep. Bill Heath (R, of course) was asked by the reporter whether he though Genital Piercing was something the state governement should be involved with. His reply "Normally,... I'd say no, but with the state of morals in this country, maybe it is."

I. Hate. The. Bible. Belt.

11 Alive's website sadly doesn't have the story with the quote yet.

Georgia House Bans Female Genital Piercings

Bush : 'America must confront threats before they fully materialize.'
Topic: Miscellaneous 10:10 pm EST, Mar 20, 2004

] "September 11th, 2001, taught a lesson I'll never
] forget," he said. "America must confront threats before
] they fully materialize."

This is a scary, scary statement. Preemptive action violates 250 years of US foreign policy. The question is, how many more civil liberties will we lose, how many more bridges with the internation community will will burn, confronting threats in this manner. The more important question is, how much longer can we afford this policy?

Bush : 'America must confront threats before they fully materialize.'

Kerry to Cheney : Hi Pot, meet Kettle
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:21 pm EST, Mar 18, 2004

The Kerry campaign issued an e-mail response entitled: "Cheney comes out of the bunker: But ... he's the wrong man to challenge John Kerry on defense."

The response quoted Cheney as saying after the 1991 Gulf War that he had no regrets about leaving Saddam Hussein in power, because if coalition forces had gone on to Baghdad after driving Iraqi forces from Kuwait, "the U.S. would have been all alone."

Ouch! I know quotes can sound bad when taken out of context, but damn

Kerry to Cheney : Hi Pot, meet Kettle

Michael's Computers - The Interview
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:29 pm EST, Mar 17, 2004

Tom's Hardware Rules

TH: "Your company has caused quite a stir, ah, on the Internet with the claims"

MG: "well we've, I know, we love it, Controversy creates ...other stuff too as well"

Yeah like Lawsuits

Michael's Computers - The Interview

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