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Current Topic: Arts

The Klingon Hamlet
Topic: Arts 10:12 am EDT, Oct  5, 2004

] The original edition of the book went through years of
] translation and several revisions, with translators Nick
] Nicholas and Andrew Strader aided by feedback and
] editorial assistance from Mark Shoulson, d'Armond Speers,
] and Will Martin. Translation by committee is a tricky
] thing, but Hamlet represents the largest piece of text in
] Klingon to date and we wanted to be as grammatically
] accurate as possible. That concern resulted in several
] hundred changes to the text when Pocket Books expressed
] an interest in publishing a trade paperback version. In
] the intervening years Klingon scholarship had revealed
] new insights into the language and we insisted on
] incorporating them into the new book. Nick Nicholas and
] Lawrence Schoen expanded the appendices for the new
] edition as well, giving further insight into the play and
] its context in the larger scope of Imperial and
] Federation politics.
] You may think you've read Hamlet before, but you can't
] really appreciate it until you've read it in the original
] Klingon. Now's your chance. Enjoy!

The Klingon Hamlet

Riverside feels ‘Wrath of Con’
Topic: Arts 5:03 pm EDT, Sep 29, 2004

It sounded too good…or too bad…to be true. Guess what: It isn’t true at all.

William Shatner’s low-budget sci-fi flick, “Invasion Iowa,” that was supposedly filming in Riverside, turned out to be an elaborate hoax.

To borrow the phrase from MTV, the entire town was “punk’d.”

Yes, William Shatner is there, and yes, there is a film crew, but the whole thing wasn’t for a movie, but for a “reality” show on what it’s like when a Hollywood film crew descends on a tiny Midwestern town.

I feel kind of bad for the town. Great headline for the article, though.

Riverside feels ‘Wrath of Con’

Scary Artsy Pictures
Topic: Arts 6:28 pm EDT, Aug 27, 2004

A nice collection courtesy of BoingBoing.

Scary Artsy Pictures

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