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Current Topic: Technology

The Grim Rapper
Topic: Technology 8:45 am EDT, Oct  4, 2004

To properly usher in October for X-E's Halloween Countdown, I searched and searched for the one special something that could pinpoint the season's spirit just as much as pumpkins and shoddy witch makeup. Couldn't find jack shit, so you get the Grim Rapper instead.

Dressed in a black hoodie, jeans, Converse sneakers and enough gold to anchor an ocean liner, the Grim Rapper is all about the bling and not at all about making sure the upper part of his arms maintain the same bony look as the lower parts.

"One night have some fun. Out on the town...on October Thirty-One. The time is right...Halloween night. Ghouls and ghosts...A GRIM RAPPER'S DELIGHT!"

The Grim Rapper

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online | Column: Products We Wish Microsoft Would Deliver
Topic: Technology 8:31 am EDT, Oct  4, 2004

] From executive-distracting ROI calculators to a naked
] Windows, here's our dream to-do list for Microsoft's
] developers.

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online | Column: Products We Wish Microsoft Would Deliver : Private Rocket Unofficially Reaches Space
Topic: Technology 12:10 pm EDT, Sep 29, 2004

] MOJAVE, Calif. Sept. 29, 2004 %u2014 After recovering
] from a wild corkscrew roll on its ascent, the first
] private manned rocket soared to space and returned safely
] to Earth on Wednesday in a bid to earn a $10 million
] prize.
] SpaceShipOne, with astronaut Michael Melvill at the
] controls, climbed to an unofficial altitude of more than
] 330,000 feet, about 2,000 feet above its target altitude
] of 62 miles. : Private Rocket Unofficially Reaches Space

TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook
Topic: Technology 12:53 pm EDT, Sep 28, 2004

] Welcome to TiddlyWiki, an experimental MicroContent
] WikiWikiWeb built by JeremyRuston. It's written in HTML
] and JavaScript to run on any browser without needing any
] ServerSide logic. It allows anyone to create
] SelfContained hypertext documents that can be posted to
] any web server, or sent by email. If you like it, do
] please EmailMe and let me know. If you're interested in
] FuturePlans for TiddlyWiki, keep an eye on this site.

This is very cool.

TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal web notebook

Encyclopedia Astronautica
Topic: Technology 12:30 pm EDT, Sep 26, 2004

] Updated and expanded: Orbital Launch Vehicle launch logs
] - ISS Flights updated with historical daily status
] reports - Chronology - Additional Russian and American
] space engineer and manager biographies - Astronaut
] Records and Statistics and Women of space...

Encyclopedia Astronautica

New York Post Online Edition: business
Topic: Technology 12:32 pm EDT, Sep 21, 2004

] Google, $1.67 billion richer from its August initial
] public offering, is spending its money poaching the
] brightest minds from arch-rival Microsoft and other tech
] giants.
] Based on the half-dozen hires in recent weeks, Google
] appears to be planning to launch its own Web browser and
] other software products to challenge Microsoft.

New York Post Online Edition: business
Topic: Technology 6:03 pm EDT, Sep  7, 2004

] Welcome to, a listing of some of the most
] exciting and rewarding high-technology jobs available
] today in New York State.

Topic: Technology 11:39 am EDT, Sep  5, 2004

] This website pays homage to the fake trees that disguise
] our cell phone towers. Have you seen these things??!
] Every time I see a Bogus Botanical or a Counterfeit
] Conifer, I get a big smile on my face. These Sham Shrubs
] have been manufactured so that you and I can communicate
] with each other, while protecting our delicate aesthetic
] sensibilities.


DHE Editor
Topic: Technology 11:36 am EDT, Sep  5, 2004

] With DHE (The Fast!) Web Editor you can draw you own
] Dynamic Cross-Browser Web Pages without writing a single
] line of Code!

DHE Editor

AnandTech - Freeware replacements for commonly warez'ed programs
Topic: Technology 11:29 am EDT, Sep  5, 2004

] This thread is not another "cool programs" thread. It's
] just meant to show that there are free replacements for a
] lot of commercial software that people commonly pirate.

AnandTech - Freeware replacements for commonly warez'ed programs

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