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Current Topic: Arts

Soldier Rap, The Pulse of War - Newsweek World News -
Topic: Arts 7:44 pm EDT, Jun  5, 2005

It took only a few ambushes, roadside bombs and corpses for Neal Saunders to know what he had to do: turn the streets of Baghdad into rap music. So the First Cavalry sergeant, then newly arrived for a year of duty in Sadr City, began hoarding his monthly paychecks and seeking out a U.S. supplier willing to ship a keyboard, digital mixer, cable, microphones and headphones to an overseas military address. He hammered together a plywood shack, tacked up some cheap mattress pads for soundproofing and invited other Task Force 112 members to join him in his jerry-built studio. They call themselves "4th25"—pronounced fourth quarter, like the final do-or-die minutes of a game—and their album is "Live From Iraq." The sound may be raw, even by rap standards, but it expresses things that soldiers usually keep bottled up. "You can't call home and tell your mom your door got blown off by an IED," says Saunders. "No one talks about what we're going through. Sure, there are generals on the TV, but they're not speaking for us. We're venting for everybody."

The downloadable trailer for the album can be obtained at

Soldier Rap, The Pulse of War - Newsweek World News -

Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba
Topic: Arts 8:17 pm EDT, May 22, 2005

] The show name La Nouba originates from the French phrase
] "faire la nouba," which means to party, to live it up.
] This creation is an unforgettable journey through our
] universe, at once threatening and exhilarating,
] frightening and familiar. La Nouba is the story of all
] stories, the site of all mysteries, where dreams and
] nightmares sleep side by side. La Nouba is memory,
] individual and universal. It beckons to us, challenges us
] to uncover passions we thought we'd lost long ago. Here,
] anything is possible.

I was able to see this show while on vacation last week, and it was incredible. Live orchestra with opera singers, plus the acrobats on tightrope, trapeze, trampoline, BMX bikes, giant wheel thingys, human pyramids and more.

If you are in Orlando, you need to see this show.

Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba

Wooster Collective : Stickers / Posters / Graf / Culture Jamming
Topic: Arts 6:42 pm EST, Mar 23, 2005

] The images above - exclusive to the Wooster site and
] provided by Banksy - are of Banksy installing four pieces
] in New York's most prestigious museums - The Brooklyn
] Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of
] Modern Art, and the Museum of Natural History.
] Dressed as a British pensioner, over the last few days
] Banksy entered each of the galleries and attached one of
] his own works, complete with authorative name plaque and
] explanation.

Wooster Collective : Stickers / Posters / Graf / Culture Jamming

RE: 'The Mashin' of the Christ'
Topic: Arts 6:53 pm EST, Mar 20, 2005

noteworthy wrote:
] Decius wrote:
] ] "The Mashin' of the Christ" was/is Negativland's
] ] top-secret-not-for-viewing video response to the number one
] ] film in America.
] None of the torrents work.

Are you offering content to the torrent network? I'm not, and I get not clients. I think I've heard that this does exist, thought...

Dru and Rain had it playing at their apartment the other night. I does in fact exist

RE: 'The Mashin' of the Christ'

'The Mashin' of the Christ'
Topic: Arts 12:28 am EST, Mar 20, 2005

This April a hacker broke through Negativland's UMN mainframe firewall and stole the final version of Negativland's top-sacred for-internal-use-only "Mashin' of the Christ" video project. Negativland prayed that their in-house project would not make it into the hands of the unsuspecting public, but we all know how hard it can be to stop those "peer to peer" criminals from illegally sharing the property of others.

And what exactly did these hackers steal from Negativland??

"The Mashin' of the Christ" was/is Negativland's top-secret-not-for-viewing video response to the number one film in America. Negativland decrypted, downloaded and mashed up the most violent religious film ever made along with over 27 other Hollywood portrayals of Jesus to create their own vision of the last moments of Christ's life... all in four minutes and 14 seconds. Is Christianity still stupid? Is Communism still good? Negativland hoped that no one would ever find out for sure.

But that hope was dashed on Easter Sunday, 2004, when the video project was stolen from Negativland's hard drive, and then, just last week, released onto P2P networks worldwide. Negativland's friends and lawyers who had seen "The Mashin' of the Christ" had strongly advised against a public release ever occuring (the "anti-circumvention" provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act says that doing this sort of decryption to make collage is illegal), but since God is said to see all secrets, only the public is left to be surprised by this unauthorized birth from Negativland. Voracious pirating of this work has spread across the Net and in the last few days high-resolution versions of "Mashin'" have even been appearing on P2P networks disguised as a complete copy of "The Passion of the Christ."

This was recommmended to me and I thought I would pass it on.

'The Mashin' of the Christ'

Geek Love Poem
Topic: Arts 12:41 pm EST, Feb 21, 2005

] The eloquence of a few lines of verse can be a powerful
] thing. Poetry can cause you to pause and think about
] life. It can incite feelings of rage. A good poem can
] even bring you to tears. We're not sure where this one
] lies in the spectrum of emotional reactions, but we're
] thinking somewhere between a chuckle and a look of
] heartfelt confusion.

I found this awhile back but don't think I got around to posting it.

Geek Love Poem

Great Quote
Topic: Arts 2:00 am EST, Feb 14, 2005

"There's no way GOD is responsible for something that beautiful."

Have you ever looked at something and thought this?

Is it true?

Topic: Arts 12:38 am EST, Feb  8, 2005

It's happening!
As I slumber in the dark
I can sense it in my dreams
Every night it seeps out bit by bit
When I wake I feel eerily aware
My head throbs from the realization of the loss that has occurred
I am entangled in lethargy
My body aches from the void
The excitement is unbearable
I want it to be today!
There’s a need for it to be over
It is no longer bearable
My sanity begins to fade w/ each piece that slips away
I want to speed it up
I want to slow it down
I want it over
I want it to end
I long to go on to the next
This society is so disappointing; it ignites in me such a great flame of disgust
Whenever I let go, my mind begins to wander
When it finally drifts to this point; the realization of how the world has shut its eyes and ears comes to me in a wave of nausea
My head is spinning
Numerous intellectual minds were suppressed and rejected because they’re “different” or “not normal”
If you don’t fit “their” little mold you are then doomed to live your life in frustration
I have been stuck in purgatory for seventeen years
The knowledge that I am about to be freed shall make me explode
The screams are getting louder
They come from the depths of my soul
They become harder and harder to suppress by the minute
I am suffocating!
I can’t breath!
It’s getting darker!
It’s OVER!
A sigh of relief, then sleep.

Birth (this one's for Vile)
Topic: Arts 10:05 pm EST, Jan 26, 2005

Your whole life you live in sunshine
Light, Innocent, Warm
One small moment in time and the whole world crumbles
One instant and it’s gone. Life as you know it is over

Cry, Beg, Plead
But you can never get it back!
No matter how hard you struggle for it you can never get it back
It is over and you are reeling in confusion

Dark, Desolate, Cold
You scream “Why me?!”
Enraged enough to expect an answer
Truly “Why me” but then again “why anyone”
Truly bad things happen to good people

All the sudden you find yourself questioning everything you have ever known to be true
Everything you have lived your whole life by is suddenly questionable
A shiver courses through your body as you are overcome with loneliness

Alone, Empty, Numb
There is no God!
There can’t be a God!
If there is how could he do these things?
Why does it have to hurt so bad?

Hollow, Tired, Hopeless
As you break down and fall to your knees the hollowness grows
Your world comes crashing down around you
You urn to truly believe everything will be ok
You long for the warm tenderness of a familiar touch

You are soon overcome with the realization that life as you know it is over
You no longer contain the will to live
Your body and mind are totally exhausted
You give up the fight and slowly slip into the cold darkness

Close by another child is born in to the warm, bright, innocence that you could no longer find.

You & Me (poem)
Topic: Arts 9:01 am EST, Jan 16, 2005

You were different
I wasn't scared
You made me feel whole again

Everything changed

Now you look confused
and I feel helpless

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