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Current Topic: Sports

Shame on Northwestern, Georgia Tech for trying to stifle 'All Players United' movement
Topic: Sports 10:50 am EDT, Sep 26, 2013

But the movement may have been squashed at two elite academic schools that should value critical thinking and a free exchange of ideas. Since, you(Unless you're a high-profile athlete, it seems.)
It's safe to say that neither Johnson nor Fitzgerald was thrilled with his quarterback's exercise of free speech. When asked, both alluded to it being detrimental to the team dynamic.
Said Johnson this week: "Our team, we had a talk about, 'Hey, if it's going to be a team thing, we need to talk about it as a team. We need to take a team vote and if everybody is in agreement or agrees, then OK, we can talk about what we can do.'

Shame on Northwestern, Georgia Tech for trying to stifle 'All Players United' movement

Atlanta Rollergirls 2008 schedule
Topic: Sports 10:31 am EST, Mar  2, 2008

Doors @ 4pm
Game 1 @ 5pm, Game 2 @ 7pm
New Location - IN TOWN! Yaarab Shrine Center on Ponce de Leon!

March 8
Denim Demons vs. Toxic Shocks
Apocalypstix vs. Blue Ridge Rollergirls
April 12
Toxic Shocks vs. Sake Tuyas
ARG All-Stars vs. Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
May 10
Apocalypstix vs. Sake Tuyas
Denim Demons vs. Inland Empire Derby Divas
June 14
Sake Tuyas vs. Denim Demons
Toxic Shocks vs. Visitor
July 12
Denim Demons vs. Apocalypstix
ARG All-Stars vs. Fort Wayne Derby Girls
August 9
Toxic Shocks vs. Apocalypstix
Sake Tuyas vs. Hard Knox RG (East TN)
September 20
Grudge Match: Battle for 3rd & 4th
Home Teams Championship

Atlanta Rollergirls 2008 schedule

Atlanta Rollergirls
Topic: Sports 11:33 pm EDT, Aug  5, 2007

2007 Atlanta Rollergirl
August 5, 2007

Sake Tuyas vs. Toxic Shocks
@ All-American Skating Center

This was F@#*ing Awesome!!!

Atlanta Rollergirls

The underdog pulls through
Topic: Sports 11:46 pm EST, Dec 30, 2006

Quote from sports report at 3pm

"Just about every national media prognosticator from television, newspapers and the Internet have picked Virginia Tech (10-2) to beat Georgia (8-4) in tonight's Peach Bowl.

A victory tonight would secure the Bulldogs a spot in the final national top-25 of both major polls for the 10th consecutive season. With 7-6 FSU highly unlikely to be unranked at the end of this season that sustained mark of success by Georgia would become a national best.

More importantly, a victory tonight over the best team in the ACC this season and the most consistent program from that conference over recent years would cement Georgia's status as one of the nation's best all-around programs."

Well contrary to popular believe and the negative wishes of a certain Canadian the GA Bulldogs came back after half time and provided a victory for the home team.

The underdog pulls through | National Hockey League New Logo | Sports and Entertainment | brands | brand | branding news
Topic: Sports 9:22 am EST, Nov  4, 2006

It also loses the drab, retro, muddy orange, which long served as its main color, in favor of silver to connote the Stanley Cup, North American hockey’s ultimate badge of honor. Silver is a better color in general because it allows the shield to have a sheen, a kind of winking sparkle of glory.

What a bunch of bullshit. The old orange and black NHL logo has been with us for as long as I can recall and its fucking cool. This silver logo is the final nail in the coffin of my youth.

The NHL letters are now upward slanting, whereas with the old logo the NHL letters slanted down. This evokes a spirit of moving up, moving forward, and speeding ahead.

It evokes the spirit of lame. You think by ruining something that has been an icon for decades will make your stock price go up? Sorry, the logo isn't going to have an iota of impact on the success or failure of hockey. Try lowering ticket prices. Seriously. If the stadium isn't packed you haven't found the right spot on the supply and demand curve. Give me my old logo back. Hockey is about orange and black. You might own hockey but you will never own our culture. We want our culture back. | National Hockey League New Logo | Sports and Entertainment | brands | brand | branding news

Improved muscular efficiency displayed as Tour de France champion matures -- Coyle 98 (6): 2191 -- Journal of Applied Physiology
Topic: Sports 2:13 pm EDT, Jul 27, 2005

This case describes the physiological maturation from ages 21 to 28 yr of the bicyclist who has now become the six-time [sic] consecutive Grand Champion of the Tour de France, at ages 27–32 yr.

Physiological study of Lance Armstrong before, during and after cancer. I didn't realize how freaking young he was when he got diagnosed...25?! Men, get thee to a proctologist!

An interesting factoid about Lance is that his resting heartrate is around 33 beats per minute. Which means, when watching TV, the rest of us flabby people are pulling in around 95-110 while his heart's beating every other second.

There's also an interesting summary article at Wired about what the power stat on the previous website means. The guy's just amazing.

-janelane, dreamily

Improved muscular efficiency displayed as Tour de France champion matures -- Coyle 98 (6): 2191 -- Journal of Applied Physiology

Greene's feat typifies Georgia career
Topic: Sports 12:20 pm EST, Nov 28, 2004

] if there was any doubt what David Greene meant to No. 8
] Georgia's program, he erased it Saturday with an
] inspiring final performance Sanford Stadium.

] After spending three quarters nursing a cracked bone in
] his left thumb and watching his heir, D.J. Shockley,
] struggle holding onto a 16-point lead, the Bulldogs'
] senior quarterback came in for Georgia's final series to
] secure a 19-13 victory Saturday over Georgia Tech, a team
] he's never lost to in four years.

Tech put up a good fight in the third quarter. There were some injuries to several important players that may have had an impact. Overall it was a good game.

Greene's feat typifies Georgia career

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